Thursday, December 27, 2001

I suppose I won’t live forever. Not on this world, or in this body, anyways. I wonder what I’ll do with an eternity. Perhaps I’ll waste it away, but I certainly hope not. I hope I have the strength to keep on living every day. With passion, and remembering how precious life is. I wish to be something great, to amaze those that know me with my rapier wit and beautiful compassion. I want to want something, above all. Though, I am quite lazy, and would love to spend the rest of my days working on a novel, in my cottage in a valley or on a hill with a wonderful view. Oh, to be able to rest. To truly rest, to not have anything to plan for, except who should come over for lunch tomorrow, and what I’m making for dinner next Sunday. I want children, as scared as I am to bring them into this world. I want to be a wonderful wife, and a good daughter. To my Heavenly Father and earthly parents. I want to be a friend, to advise those in need, and to have someone to advise me. I want to keep learning, and to teach. I am thankful for all that I am given, every day. Someday I will grow to be old, and maybe then I’ll learn the secret to life. The real secret, the most hidden one. Though I am not quite knowledgeable enough to be so wise, I think it most definitely has something to do with love, to do it as often as possible, to laugh, to apologize and forgive easily. Is that a secret?Well, I know I have much to learn, and will, in due time. I love you all and I bid you a goodnight and hope you find an inspiration.


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