Sunday, September 29, 2002

Today in church we had a wonderful lesson about marriage. I've been feeling rather resentful towards the whole marriage thing lately, as if it's my duty to get married, have the standard 5 Mormon kids and sit at home all day doing nothing but cleaning. I don't ever want to be the unhappy housewife. Today really rejuvinated my desire to get married in the Temple and to live happily. I know I won't be unhappy if I follow the path. So now I'm listening to "How Firm A Foundation" and basking in the churchey goodness of it all.

Last night I went to Charmcity with Kayla and Roxie, to see a bunch of bands. I didn't know it was going to be hardcore, and felt rather uncomfortable during most of the sets. Everyone seemed rather unhappy and it really was catching, even though the last band was really good emo. I got their CD [they're called Rockets and Bluelights-check 'em out] and it sounds a bit like Rainer Maria's early stuff, lots of yelling and interesting chord progressions. Jokes were born, candy was eaten, and cartwheels were turned. Anywho, I stepped outside for the majority of the bands playing and sang Primary songs to myself. I came home sad because of the lack of Spirit and wanting Christa, and had a truly wonderful conversation with the new love of my life, Ian. He made me gasp continually at the lovely things he said.

The Young Women leaders in my ward are amazing. They do so much for us, we always have a little treat from Sister Morgenegg, quotes from the lesson typed up from Sister Wagner, and other beautiful tidbits, usually on brightly colored floral paper. =) I love Mormon culture. Anywho, I thought the Young Women should give them a suprise dinner party thanking them for all the effort they put into their callings. I was thinking chicken in an Alfredo sauce over pasta-angel hair of fettucuini, I can't decide [or spell, for that matter].

Oh my, life is good right now. It almost feels like summer. Soundtrack moment: "Walking On Sunshine" by Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies-I feel like dancing around my living room.


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