Wednesday, June 18, 2003

So last night we got Heather to come to Mutual and had a blast slinging mud and diving into pools of dirty water. I got mud stuffed in my mouth twice and we figured out why it smelled/tasted so bad--fertilizer. Delicious. But I had such a blast. I love Mormon fun. I came home and write Ryan a letter and fixed the CD burner and made him a CD that I half want. I really wanna make one that's got all the good Luckie Strike songs on there, a little Barry White, a little Promise Ring, and a lot of Paris, Texas. I'm kinda in a beach mood at the moment. I'm also wearing my hoodie with only my super racy hot pink bra underneath. I was gonan go totally nudie but then I remembered everyone was here and I was babysitting so thought that might be a bit yick. I really really want to be at the beach. It's so shibby cold. I mean, yesterday my toes were freezing while playing in the mud and I almost said "We should've had this in June or something, so it'd be warmer,". So yeah. Gahr.

and I love you guys even if you do stupid things. you're both no worries. yesterday ryan asked what i wanted to listen to and i asked for ziggy marley and he gave me a wierd look. oh yeah i went out with him yesterday. we ran errands and went to pop deluxe. i got roxie a lime green go-go dress and me a frilly black and red and white patterned purty one. ryan got a eighties one with ugly eighties colors all over it [think teal and purple and pink. bleh] but hey he likes it so it's all good. he came by to say farewell last night and we spent a half an hour on the porch talking. he's so fun.

oh yeah lissa got dumped by her recent boyfriend and now her and her friends are running around the house half-naked [tank tops and shorts that go up to there] trying to help her through this hard time by calling him and harassing his friends. good times. i remember doing that in 7th grade...ah, three cheers for late bloomers.

current mood: excited [for friday]
current music: new dress by luckie strike


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