Thursday, July 31, 2003

today i wanted to have a picnic with amelia and ry-bone but mia went off and ditched us for her more posh friends. hahaha sike we're probably gonna do it at two or so. until then, mum explained her frustrations about money and still having to be a good mom and wanting the house to be clean so i'm gonna do my best to fix up my room and then maybe even pack for the beach a little! woo! i'm so excited. i think that i'll have more fun this year because i'm so looking forward to it and me and kyle and david are all better friends. that and david can drive, so we'll be able to cruise whatever circuit they have down there in our cool gray minivan. today i wanted to bring the shirt with me that i'm gonna put scraps all over and have mia gimmie ideas on what to do with it and maybe even sew a little while we're on our picnic. speaking of clothes given to me, i'm wearing ryan's arcadia shirt right now that he gave me to think of him. aww. he's such a sweetheart. i had a good time last night, we watched charlie's angels and ate easy mac and more or less did nothing for a good 4 hours. hrmm i love picnics. but what to wear....

last night me and ryan were talking about how we wish that like 2 days out of the month in summer were like 50 degrees so we could wear all our cool sweaters and hoodies that we miss in these balmy summer days. last night i wore my purty cableknit sweater and i might bring it along with me again today, even tho it'll probably be waaay too hot. but hey-o, it's gravvy baby. i wonder if ryan would be into doing his laundry here while i cleaned and packed. hrmm

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