Tuesday, July 29, 2003

YAY! COMPUTER COMPUTER COMPUTER I LOVE YOU FOREVER! Ahhh I missed the beautiful beautiful internet. I was itching last night to get online and ahh feels so wonderful. Hrmm let's see

moved to a new house
am obsessed with volleyball
love mia forever cause she's so super much fun
got the coolest shirt ever from checkered past
turned 16! woo! i can date now, kiddos
am going to the beach on sunday, super excited
totally bonded with chickies at girl's camp and found out who i'm hanging out with till forever yay
still haven't recieved an email from you-know-who
christa lost her lip virginity [perfectly, might i add]
am jamming to the mintuemen and mighty mighty bosstones and mxpx
got oasis's what's the story morning glory for sappy purposes
tanned today
am wearing a whale on my shirt
got bailed on by ryan but we're supposed to play tomorrow
want to have a picnic sometime soon
we have two bathrooms now! alright!
i'm not making any sense because i'm so excited and forgot how to type. woot woot.
teenage politics--too confusing. politics schmolitics it's too confuuusing
ahh gotta love good ole mxpx. christian punk rock and roll. ha.
got a cell phone. it's krissie's old one. they stole it from her and gave it to me. yay for being spoiled.
paranoid android slash amanda.
wearing the coolest bikini top in the world as a bra. it's all stripey and mod and i love it. except my shirt is beige and you can totally see through it.
this is awesome! david has all the MP3s from Virginia and like i'm listening to mxpx and like the pietasters and matthew good band and the verve and jane's addiction catch22 and jeeze. who am i kidding, i did too have good taste in music back in the day. ahh man now i really really miss mandy. she's all far away in florida and i want to play with her. at least she'll be at my luau. mar. we had such good times back in the day. this shirt is so her too. austin's pretending to skank around the boy's room [where computer is].
my grandma's awesome. we've been hanging out lately. she's so much fun. she took me out shopping monday and i got 2 skirts and this bra thing and a sweater that was way overpriced but she got it for me because we didn't know when it was going on sale and it might be gone by then. it's dreamy and warm and cableknit.

this is love if you want it
don't sound like no sonnet
my love

holy crap i love weezer so much. by the way that was the verve. but now i'm listening to you gave your love to me softly

all i have to do is think of you
we had just one month
but it goes on and on and on
you gave your love to me softly
lalala you sang to me
baby don't you cry

i'm sooo taking this with me to the beach. man. i half got the sweater for the beach, hoping it'd be really really cold at night when it took me guitar to the beach and sat and strummed like a good emo kid would. you take your car to work i take my board. i soo wanna cruise with christa to this blaring and like hang out with alex...bleh. but he'd be really fun to dance to weezer with i bet. today on the way to mutual we were in kyle's cool car i decorated with all my stickets and the monkees and then ccr came on and we turned it way way up and were all dancing and i was doing the swim and the monkey and man my family's fun to hang out with.

today me and kyle watched a chevy chase movie called nothing but trouble that was horribly awesome. it was really really scary and had dan akroyd and demi moore and they get trapped by this backwater judge and it scares the poop out of me. also has the worst makeup since sloth applied on two cereal-obsessed fatties. man.

i'm so wearing the same outfit tomorrow. who needs baths. speaking of which, today i had the ca-razy idea to take a bath in our swim suits...then i forgot about it and we were playing volleyball and got really hot and were all still wearing pajams [except ash was wearing a bikini top under her shirt!] so we went and played with the hose in the driveway and washed our hair and mum took pictures and it was way fun. i'm cleaning myself like that from now on.
rivers cumo is so hot. cuomo? whatever. he's babealicious.

i totally lost my will to read. i guess i'm just fidgety. i've been on the same chapter of the princess bride ["the festivites"] for like all of july. which is sad. i'm totally in a jeans and tshirt mood right now. christa doesn't understand the mood when i try to convey it to her, but i really can't describe it better than that. weezer about fits...the promise ring is too emotional and luckie strike is too not. so yeah. weezer. and dancing and happy. and jeans and tshirts and sandals when the weather is fitting. i suppose that's about right.

current mood: dance dance dance
current music: surfboard usa by weezer


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