Sunday, July 20, 2003

woo! went out with ryan and kyle and mia last night to the jefferson carnival. we had a grand old time and i argued religion with an evangalist for about an hour, causing everyone to go to hell for thinking mean thoughts towards me. a-men. ferris wheels still scare me out of my wits, no change from last year when i was clutching the railing till my knuckles turned white. we jammed to ace of base on the way home and ahh it was way more fun than i expected.

so yeah we moved! which means no internet till thursday. and the only phones we're using are me mum's and stan's cell phones. number to mom-o's is 542-3800. that scared me at first then i realized only people here would figure it out--hip hip hurray for area codes. oh! and tuesday is camp where i am going to be a ycl and 16!! WOO! i'm in a super duper good mood and yay only 5 days till i can get my permit and date. woot woot. i'm sorta liking our new house--much bigger, and a volleyball court's always a plus but i was crying when i woke up in the middle of the night last night and rolled into the wall expecting to touch my stereo. mar. i hate change. anyhoodles, yup yup yup...

still no word on the boy front.

current mood: energized
current music: it's hard to say by sister hazel


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