Saturday, July 19, 2003

you're idiots.

i had a good time for the most part tonight. ryan came over and i showed him ali's drawing of their eternal lasting love and he was really flattered. we were supposed to go to checkered past but that kinda fell through and we went to borders and saw fumey 1 and 2 and then sat around reading the onion books and randomly laughing. my favorite was either the special olympics being fixed article or christopher reeves being welded to the top of the washington monument. ahh i love ryan so much. makes me happy that he gets me on like, every single level. sigh. he burned me the yeah yeah yeahs deluxe cd and i remembered it this time but now i can't find it. hrmm. man. anyhoodles we went to visit fruity and had a really really good time. i took a picture of them together and they were hitting on each other and dan cleaned the same chair like a thousand times to stay and talk to us. it was really really fun. fruity bought me a lemonade and i ate all of ryan's fries and ahh just good times all around. he's leaving in something like a week so i think i'm eating every meal at wendy's. aw good times. we jammed to geri halewell on the way home and i was supposed to talk to him online but austin stole the computer and ah whatever. too late now. but i love him.

current mood: agitated
current music: la girl by the distillers


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