Sunday, June 29, 2003

Whoo! I'm at my dad's! I'm leaving tomorrow after church for EFY for a week. I'm really really excited. I'm going with Krissie and a couple of ladies from the ward [Don't remember any specifics]. But none of them are in my age group so I'll be bunking toute le sol. I'm a little bummed out about that, especially as I'll be with people entirely younger than me [turning sixteen in 26 days!] which means no dates. hrmm. oh well. i'm not too upset over it. i'm really tired tho. oh man so tired. Probably should be getting to bed right about now. Maren's been hanging all over me, but it's been more than welcome. she's so purty and petite. well, au revoir! i'm off to visit the shores of sleep.

current mood: fatigued
current music: ezra and kendrick arguing themselves to sleep


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