Wednesday, August 13, 2003

i'm sick sick sick sick sick to death of this.

yeah. after the whole fiasco i called ariel and we talked for like two hours. she's so incredibly good for me. i love how we can go from halarious pee-your-pants funny to talking about life and death and what have you. =) I'm soo excited to have her come to my luau, i just wish i would be able to spend the whole time with her instead of being a good hostess. i wonder what it'll be like when all of my different worlds collide and everyone's wearing floral print, to boot.

i fell asleep last night on the couch and slept in my clothes--not a fun thing. i feel all bleh and uncomfy now. i was a-post to go out with ryan today but i also wants to go for us to get our eyebrows done and the chiropractors. i need to patch my jeans too, they have a HUGE hole in the crotch.

other news: i'm getting a callus on my pinky and ring finger from playing wish you were here by pink floyd and good riddance by green day. i looooove guitar soo much. we're bringing a guitar to canada! so stan can teach me hey lady by led zepplin. or attempt to. man so hard.

i'm so vain. i spent like a half an hour yesterday taking pictures of myself with mom's phone and sending them to christa. i don't know if they went through tho. hrmm.

and OH my GOODNESS gracious. Mia let me borrow The Sounds and wholly crizzap. they're like, THE best band i've ever ever heard. they're so awesome. i've been nonstop dancing in my room trying to learn the words. they're soo good. and we saw freaky friday, which fit perfectly, because i came home and all i wanted to do was be in a rock and roll band. ahh good times. it was soo humungously awesome. and look at this!

i never thought you'd be a junkie because heroine is so passe...
-the dandy warhols
that's jonathan's away message! and me and ryan were soo just talking about that lyric like the day before yesterday. crazy. and i got their album, 13 tales from urban bohemia. it's alright...there's some songs on there that have real potential, but it's all kinda sad-ish, so not really summery music. methinks i'll get into it come fall. woo!

current mood: intentional oblivion
current music: none. but i would be listening to the sounds if it was up here


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