Saturday, August 02, 2003

sorry kiddos mandy keeps doin 'em, and ere go i must as well

Basics --
1. What do you most like about your body?: my eyes and my stomach
2. And least?: the fact that under the curves there's absolutely no muscle
3. How many fillings do you have?: not a clue...5?
4. Do you think you're good looking?: for the most part.
5. Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?: my family reminds me as often as possible.
6. Do you look like any celebrities?: christina ricci was once mentioned, but i hope i don't.
Fashion --
1. Do you wear a watch?: no.
2. How many coats and jackets do you own?: like a thousand...
3. Favorite pants/skirt color?: blue jeans, for the most part.
4. Most expensive item of clothing?: probably hoodies...i bet that leather jacket ydnam gave me cost more but i got that for free so woo
5. What kind of shoes do you wear?: flip flops or none
6. Describe your style in one word?: comfy
Your Friends --
1. Do your friends 'know' you?: yes
2. What do they tend to be like?: creative, funny
3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked?: i'm not sure....i'm really friendly, but there's always people that that bugs
4. How many people do you tell everything to?: 2

Music/TV/Film/Books --

1. Favorite band ever?: smashing pumpkins
2. Most listened to bands/artists (as of this week): smashing pumpkins, yeah yeah yeahs, catch22, weezer, and dance hall crashers
3. Do you find any musicians good-looking?: quite a few
4. Can you play an instrument?: just guitar. i dabble in piano.
5. Type of music most listened to?: indie rock, punk, ska, "alternative" from the 90s
6. Type never listened to?: techno--i have to in ry-bone's car tho.
7. Favorite book?: spilling open, a ring of endless light, the princess bride, out of the silent planet, the chronicles of narnia, pride and prejudice, the ender series, seventh son

Religion --
1. Do you detest religion?: no
2. How do you think this universe was formed?: a mix between creation and evolution--my theory is that god's days are longer than ours
3. If you currently follow a religion, do you think people who belong to another religion are ignorant?: i follow one
4. If you were in a hostage situation, and you were given a choice, to either praise the demon they follow or die, what would you choose?: die.

Homosexuality --
1. What is the first thing you think when you see two gay guys or lesbians holding hands?: huh.
2. Do you detest homosexuality?: no
3. Do you agree or disagree with gay or lesbian couples bringing up children?: it's not my decision to make, but i don't really care either sure.

General Questions --
1. Who do you believe is the smartest woman alive at the moment?: uh...christa's really smart. i don't know enough people to say that. she's probably like in india or something.
2. What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?: sunny, unless it's like thunderstorm mad hard rainy
3. Do you consider yourself lucky?: no such thing
4. Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?: no
5. Choose one word to describe how you feel most often: happy

Stuff --
1. Do you own any plaid clothing?: yes
2. Do you own Converse shoes?: yes
3. Do you own Saucony shoes?: no
4. Do you own old school Nikes?: no
5. Do you wear tight pants?: i guess...not like skin tight but they're not baggy either.
6. Is there more than one zipper in your pants?: no
7. Do you know what a squatter flap is?: yes
8. Do you own a messenger bag?: yes
9. Do you wear your messenger bag across your chest?: yes
10. Do/did you have braces?: no
11. Are braces worn anywhere besides the mouth?: on your back. scoliosis. bleh.
12. Do you have short, shaggy hair?: sometimes.
13. Does your hairstyle exceed a height of 3 inches?: it's too long...but for about an hour it did.
14. Would you classify your hair as a deadly weapon?: hair isn't sharp enough, stupid.
15. Do you think mohawks are "neat"?: i find them very aesthetically pleasing. and i miss my bro bros
16. Is your hair black or red?: nope
17. Do you have a favorite brand of hair dye?: i can't find an unnatural color that will look good on me
18. Do you own a bandana?: buttloads
19. Do you wear plugs in your ears?: my ears aren't pierced
20. Are you amused by safety pins?: i fiddle with them, but not really....
21. Have you ever used duct tape as a sewing substitute?: yes.
22. Do you own one or more objects with studs or spikes in them?: haha i gave one of them away, so i only have one now.
23. Do you own one or more articles of clothing from Dogpile, Lip Service?: no.
24. Do you enjoy leopard print?: very much depends on who's wearing it and whether or not they can pull it off.

Habits/Beliefs --
25. Are you disgruntled (having a general hate for everything)?: not a'tall
26. Are you an anarchist?: anarchy's dumb.
27. Does the American flag anger you?: no
28. Are you "working class"?: upper working class? haha
29. Do you dislike "preps"?: no
30. Do you dislike Hot Topic?: i haven't been in there for like 8 months, but for the most part, yeah
46. Do you say "rockin"?: no
47. Do you say punk "rawk"?: okay blink182 barf
48. Do you shout the word "oi"?: haha kyle and i do it but no one gets that we're joking...ahh well.


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