Monday, August 11, 2003

this is pathetic. really sorry. mia did it, and i had to copy.

Color: ahh all of them except mustard yellow, old green, and musty brown. and anything orange that isn't pretty.
colonge: ? i like ralph lauren polo
T.V. Show: gilmore girls, scrubs
Movie: princess bride. empire records. pretty in pink. dead poets society. braveheart. mansfield park. lord of the rings [both]. sabrina. roman holiday. breakfast at tiffany's. my fair lady. anything with audrey hepburn. white christmas. singing in the rain. reality bites. vieuphoria, if it counts.
Band/Singer: smashing pumpkins, ZWAN, the softies, dance hall crashers, catch22, bouncing souls, matt pond pa, rainer maria, paris, texas, the red hot valentines, less than jake, the distillers, tori amos, ben folds/five, rancid
Radio Station: i don't listen to the radio unless nothing else is available
Subject: english, sometimes, french, history when it isn't taught with prejudice
Hangout: someone's house, in a car driving around
Fruit: rasberries or blackberries
Month: ahh i dont' know
Season: summer or fall
Holiday: all hallows eve
Saying: he's got more boom boom than charro

"Do Questions

Do you believe in love at first sight? no
Do you get along with your parents? yes, for the most part.
Do you think about suicide? not as an option, but i think about everything
Do you drink? mostly water
Do you do drugs? no
Do you smoke? no.
Do you think you have multiple personalities? that was stupid.

"Have Questions"

Have you ever smoked? no.
Have you ever done drugs? no
Have you ever drank alcohol? on accident, twice. i had half a rumball then asked my mom if i had to finish it to be polite and she told me what it was. and i had a spoonful of pina colada i thought was virgin.
Have you ever gotten drunk? no
Have you ever made out with just a friend? haha ryan?
Have you ever used someone? as a pillow [good answer mia]
Have you ever been used? not that i can think of...
Have you ever wanted someone you couldn't have? only because of my own inhibitions

"Best Questions"

Best person to talk to: christa, krissie, mia, ariel, mandy, patrick, ryan, and jonathan's getting there.
Best relationship: christa and i
Best feeling: being loved, being comfortable, trusting someone and not being disappointed, snuggles, hooking pinkies and swinging hands through parking lots, laughing
Best things in the world: an MLT--mutton lettuce and tomato
Best stuffed animal you own: uh...not a clue. but Banket is awesome. but she's a blanket
Best thing that happened to you yesterday or today: talking to christa for four hours straight, alex finally emailing me. fun fun long car trips.

"Last Questions"

Last time you cried: sometime last week when i was being self-pitying
Last movie you saw in a theatre: findind nemo with the fam and ry-bone
Last movie you rented: ah no clue.
Last movie you bought: reality bites
Last song you listened to: hey lady by led zepplin
Last song you downloaded: i haven't downloaded anything in months
Last TV show you watched: last night the steven king thing
Last song that was stuck in your head: hey lady
Last person you were thinking of: ryan
Last person you talked to: mom and grandma
Last person you hugged: mom or ali or someone last night to go to bed
Last person you kissed: gram
Last person you went to eat out with: kyle and david
Last person you slow danced with: uh...whoever it was at the last dance. joe newcommer?
Last person you yelled at: austin, probably
Last person you called: ryan
Last person who called you: christa
Last person who told you a story: either christa or kyle
Last person who made you smile: kyle
Last person who made you laugh: kyle
Last person who said they love you: christa or mom-o, i dont' remember


Closest: christa, mia, ryan, ariel, patrick, kyle, mandy, rox and manda
Who livez farthest away: christa
Who livez closest to you: probably mia
Who is the tallest: christa or amanda
Who is the shortest: patrick
Who is the meanest: rox or manda
Who is the nicest: ryan or ariel or patrick
who is dumbest: psh
Who is the loudest: depends who they're with or what they're doing. kyle, when he runs around doing dolphin impressions in applebees
Who is the smartest: christa, probably. or ariel or patrick. or kyle. or mandy or mia. hrmmm.
Who is the craziest: not a clue
Who is the most violent: manda
Who sings the best: i have to say christa--i've never heard anyone else sing. tho ariel does do a mighty fine jimmy hendrix impression.
Who dresses the best: mandy, or ryan
Who makes you smile most: different kinds of smiles
Who gives you a funny feeling when you see them: wah?
Who do you turn to the most: christa, probably, for advice and support no matter what i do.

"Love &Relationships"

Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush: psh. you probably know if you're reading this.
What do you notice first in the opposite sex: what they're wearing, how they wear their hair--i'm so shallow. any distinct features they have.
Are you currently in love: not with anyone
First crush: shane, in kindergarden
First love: stevie. hahahaha psych i'll tell you when it happens
Ideal date: there's quite a few--anything that's not a regular old dinner and a movie.


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