Friday, August 01, 2003

muhahaha so boring
-first grade teacher's name: Miss Ross. I went to her wedding
-last word you said: you
-last song you sang: good by better than ezra
-last thing you laughed at: me and kyle trying to get the other to ask mom if we can go to the movies
-last time you cried: yesterday, my uterus was imploding.

-what's in your cd player: my eighth grade in a nutshell cd
-what color socks are you wearing: not
-what's under your bed: nothing. it's just a matress and boxspring on the floor. how white trashy am i.
-what time did you wake up today: uh? 11?

-what is your career going to be: no idea as of late. anthropoligist, photographer, entrepenuer?
-where are you going to live: not a clue.
-how many kids do you want: however many come along.
-what kind of car will you drive: an old one. ask david buerger, hes scoping 'em out for me.

-current hair: uh like a bob?
-current clothes: jeans and inside out mxpx shirt and don't let the man getcha down belt and sweater. woot woot.
-current jewelry: a piece of a bathing suit i made into a headband.
-current annoyance: that i'm hot but i want to wear my sweater. and i'm poor.
-current smell: choclate reisen in my mouth
-current longing: mango gelati
-current desktop picture: blue
-current favorite music artist: uh...weezer circa blue album
-current book: the princess bride
-current worry: that i won't see my pals again before the beach and i wont' get a swimsuit in time
-current hate: humidity
-story behind your username: ugh punk rock and roll ashley who loved new found glory and blink 182 thought it'd be crazy cool to make it into a screen name. and then my name backwards.
-current favorite article of clothing: i really really like my nantucket shirt. and my jeans.
-favorite physical feature on a guy/girl: lips, torso
-one person you wish was here right now: mia or christa
-line from the last thing you wrote to someone: "for a week"
-i am happiest when: i'm with my family and laughing
-i feel lonely when: i make bad decisions
-favorite authors: orson scott card, francesca lia block, william goldman, madeline l'engle, c.s. lewis
-do you think too much: i don't think you can. you can think about stupid things too much, but no.
-if you could live anywhere in the world, where: hrm i don't think where matters all that much. close to all my friends and family.
-famous person you have met: uh...i don't think i've met anyone.
-do you have any regrets: not a lot...but some.
-sex or love: love
-favorite coffee: sprite
-favorite smell: skin
-what makes you mad: when people make blatently stupid decisions
-favorite way to waste time: driving around listening to music. daydreaming.
-what is your best quality: you tell me.
-are in currently in love/lust: not with one particular person, no
-what's the craziest thing you have ever done: it would've been when me and ryan went around squirting people with waterguns and driving off but we chickened out for the most part.
-any bad habits: i bite my nails
-do you find it hard to trust people: somtimes
-last thing you bought yourself: wendy's numba fo'
-bath or shower: depends
-favorite season: fall or spring or winter or summer.
-favorite color: green and yellow and blue and white and cream and deep purple and bright ruby red
-favorite time of day: don't have one.
-gold or silver:
-any secret crushes: kinda....

-do drugs: no
-drink: no
-sleep with stuffed animals: no, but i have my banket
-have a dream that keeps coming back: certian places and people
-play an instrument: guitar
-believe there is life on other planets: yea
-read the newspaper: sometimes
-have any gay or lesbian friends: yes
-believe in miracles: yes
-consider yourself tolerant: depends who it's with
-consider police a friend or foe: depends on what i'm doing.
-like the taste of alchohol: ick no
-have a favorite stooge: no
-believe in astrology: no
-believe in magic: yeah
-pray: yes
-go to church: yes
-have any secrets: probably...
-have any pets: austin and my puppy, jenny
-go or plan to attened college: plan to
-talk to strangers: ever so often
-have any piercings: none
-have any tattoos: no
-hate yourself: no
-wish on stars: every night
-like your handwriting: for the most part--it's really scrawly
-believe in witches: eh not really
-believe in ghosts: nah...
-believe in santa: no
-believe in the easter bunny: nope
-believe in the tooth fairy: nope
-have a second family: i have like a thousand
-sing in the shower: loudly

okay that's a wierd place to end a survey.
man i'm a dork. by no means should you feel obligated to read this, it's just a litle piece of self-indulgence


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