Thursday, August 14, 2003

i woke up at twelve o'clock today, to find that amanda was out, despite our swimming plans. but it's really okay. cause i'm re-giving kyle his mohawk tonight, after senior pictures, as he's long awaited. scared tho, i've never doen it from scratch. hope i don't mess it up.

our family and the buergers went to the dallastown carnival last night. me, kyle, david, and brother buerger didn't ride a single ride and we just played on the playground and talked about all kinds of fun stuff. they're so much fun to hang out with. so ghost world came up, and they were saying how it's such a good movie, and i said we should leave this stupid stupid place and go watch it and so after a while we packed up everybody and split up--mom and stan to get the movie and us and the buergers to go get ice cream. we came home and ry-bone came over and we ate chinese and ice cream and that's like, my favorite movie now. it was so awesome. i didn't think i would like dark comedy that much, but holy crap. it was amazing. and yeah i'm hungry now but i dont' think there's any chinese food left. bummer. =( bah. i want to play with mia today.

current mood: tired
current music: you need love by muddy waters


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