Saturday, October 11, 2003

so, homecoming. a bit of a disappointment. mia and i looked way hot that was fun. i still haven't washed my face or taken out my hair. i wore fake eyelashes and ballet slippers. woohoo...but like the dance totally sucked. the music was even worse than last time [cause they didn't play the clash] and all of my friends except mia forgot i was there. which didn't really even bug me...i'm just really tired. so mia and kyle and i left at like 10 or something and went to borders then york township park and we were gonna go to the buergers but mom was being super fat and dumb so now kyle and i are sitting at home cursing mom. i'm soo tired. there was supposed to be a mariachi band at el rodeo but they were a no-show. plus on the way home me and mia were all mad and crap so we snapped at everyone. bleh. bummer summer kinda thing. i hate curfews.


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