Sunday, October 05, 2003

This weekend was so awesome. It doesn't really sound like much in retrospect but I was like constantly happy. Friday night we had some Buergers over and I went to Manda's house. I couldn't stop thinking of the good ole Flogging Molly-Magical Legend of the Leprechauns-driving with music days of last April. I really missed/miss old manda. But still. It was neat.

Saturday night was super crazy awesome. Mia and the buergers came over and we jumped around and had a good ol' time. We turned on kyle's strobe light and black light and spinny raver thingie and were jamming to scooter in his room. and the spaghetti was amazing and lots of good fun jokes. =) we saw SCHOOL OF ROCK which will always be one of my very favorite movies ever. i haven't liked a movie this much since ghost world. and this might even top that. i couldn't stop smiling. when they mentioned motorhead me and mia were like 'whoo!" only very quietly. i cannot get over how happy it made me. seriously. story of my life (hopefully). anyhoodles. we were delinquents after we got back from the movie, what with the sneaking in and out of mia's house and doing donuts in the giant parking lot. it was way scary tho, and the mustang fangoriously devours your feet if you're sitting in the backseat. ahh good times. oh oh oh! on the way home from the movie we were driving through some subdivision and i was like "Run the stoplight! WOOO!" and mia's so good at improvising that she turned off her lights and went like a billion miles an hour. then later we accidently/on purpose ran a red light that was sooo scary because it looked a lot closer than it was. but we got home alright, thanks to janis joplin and drunken lullabies. good times...uhh mia spent the night and we were all girly staying up late and being giggly. apparently sometime during the night i said "you used me!" and punched her, unknowingly. she said she punched me back. and today was just good fun. we went to grandma's and everyone was admiring my hair because i brushed it for the first time in like a week....i'm in such an awesome mood, not to mention i just wrote a pretty kick spanky cool english paper out of thin air in like ten seconds.

later this week:

MUST watch Cool Hand Luke with Roxie someday after school (wednesday good for you?)
get ballet slippers for homecoming
wear go-go outfit
homecoming with my hot hot date amelia


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