Sunday, December 14, 2003

this weekend we had mia and the buergers over twice [almost three times]. friday night wasthe christmas party where i siezed during playing the first noel on guitar--it was rather unnerving. and then everyone came over at like 9 or 10 and we continued to live. it. up. saturday was kyle's birthday party! yay! i got him a magazine and i'm paying for his next show. we had a dance party in the kitchen to steve miller band and the violent femmes and coyote shivers. we were a rockin and a rollin splishin and a splashin, etc. church was verboten today because mumsies was nervous about driving in the ice and snow and whatnot, so we just bummed around and ate a lot. christmas is crazy soon, though, and i have a total of 2 presents out of the 30-something people i'm shopping for. impressive, neh?

i'm such a girl and i'm so lame and emo but i want a boy so bad right now. ryan's got this really cute boyfriend whos my age and christa's all uber dreamy in love and i feel so lonely and i don't even have anyone to hold hands with. during the dance party i was pining for boy of choice to lip synch and all kinds of romantic dorky stuff. i wish.

when i think about my life
i wanna kiss myself goodbye


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