Saturday, February 21, 2004

Soo Mia and I dressed up lookin super-fine....went to super-lame star search and the circuit and the galleria. the whole time i was just wanting to go home--not for lack of good company, but nowhere we went was really hoppin', if you know what I mean. We came home at 10 or so after picking up Rebel Without A Cause and gave JD his birthday cake with twenty-three candles on it [none paper, thanks so much--but one was upside down]. She left at eleven or so, at which time Mander came over to spend the night. We stayed up muchos late talking with the boys and falling asleep in our pizza. I had a good time all around. Oh yes, and today we were en route to market and ended up bumming around the galleria again. It was better this time around, because I was wearing pants and wasn't so girlish self-concious about my body. I'm so stupey sometimes. And we talked about how wierd it is to become what we daydreamed about being as little girls [16 year olds who can DRIVE, and carry purses, and look uber-hot while strutting through the mall] and how it still has a little bit of glamour in it.

After momma's trip to Borders, our family is now the proud owner[s?] of Shadow Puppets and a few short stories and the novella of Ender's Game and I'm already more than halfway done and it's wonderful. Mmmm good stuff.


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