Sunday, March 07, 2004

soooooo today.
i was really greasy and gross looking this morning because i bathed my hair in moose [ha, ha.] and wax and that was très gross. but after a shower or two, i was presentable; at least enough so that i could help austin with his aspirations of a house made out of branches in our volleyball pit. And roxie and amanda and billy and i went to DQ--which was on the sucky side, except for my rasberry shake. and bowling was uber-fun, as always. mmm good times. then rox and manda split and we had a sheppwards-buerger fete, and kyle and david and austin and i stayed till about 10 minutes ago [1:30] having a good ole time. b. doug read us dave sedaris i carried a watermelon. i know i'm a homebody and a dork and everything, but i have a lot more fun with kyle and david and austin than you'd think normal. hmm. nonetheless, we learned new driving techniques. should david fall asleep at the wheel, kyle mans the steering, and i shout out 'brake' and 'faster'. so that'll be neat. we almost crashed into a truck.
very tired right now. have to get up in a few hours for church and it's fast sunday. très tired--and i miss my bed. the twins have taken it over. it look sso delicously comfortable right now. and ah! i jsut looked over at them and i'm pretty sure ali has her shirt off. whatever, i woke up this morning in undies and not much of a tshirt because this room gets so hot at night. it's ever-so-slightly inconvienent that this is the only room in the house that heats well, and that everything else absolutley sucks. bleh.
i carried a watermelon?


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