Tuesday, February 24, 2004

HMSwrecked: did i tell you i got gish on vinyl?
PeLo LoCo87: no ma'am, you did not
HMSwrecked: it's gorgeous.
HMSwrecked: even though i don't have a record player.
PeLo LoCo87: so have you not listened to it?
PeLo LoCo87: my brother has 3 I think
PeLo LoCo87: and I think they're all broken
HMSwrecked: no i haven't.
HMSwrecked: makes me sad. but it's so gorgeous.
PeLo LoCo87: one might work, actually
HMSwrecked: steal it!
PeLo LoCo87: you should come over tomorrow so we can try it out = )
HMSwrecked: haha that sounded dirty.
PeLo LoCo87: as it should


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