Tuesday, March 09, 2004

wore my favorite yellow shirt today, that's soon to say johnny are you queer. so much for good luck, tho--miss fasch gave me detention. bleh. whacha gonna do. i'm not too broken up over it, tho. i haven't seen mr. miller all year, so we'll get to catch up.
i'm so freaking tired. slept through sixth, seventh, and eight today. tonight at mutual we're making a time capsule and then playing dodgeball. what could make more perfect sense.
i had a dream about alex the other day--she had a concussion and mr. gable was telling me to take her to a mormon gym. but make sure she doesn't fall. i don't really remember now.
i keep missing seminary and not feeling bad because i like being with my family so much in the mornings. which i'm sure means i'm going to hell. crap.
i made roxie pee her pants today. she's a comic genius--mostly because she gets all my jokes. also the playing off of them.
frick. im sleepy. ima robot. ima goin to see rainer maria if everything works out okay. delicious. she says i'm okay, i'm alright--though you have gone from my life; you said that it would, now everything should, be alright.
ima take a nap. who needs to do homework when you can sleep the stress away.
started re-reading alanna: the first adventure yesterday. already half done. i love that girl/woman/figment.


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