Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Someone asked if the root word 'mor/mort' is related to 'Mormon' today in English class. That someone was almost Kayla. It made me laugh thoroughly. Hmm what else. I'm dying for a record player. And wondering where I put my vinyl gish. crap. ok, fewf, i just got up to check on it, and it's where i left it. scared me for a second. i was afraid it was lying in pieces on my floor.
tomorrow's la grande concourse. i'm staying after to take a french test, and eat pizza with madame. today after losing something and coming back to look for it, she commented "if you had paid attention in class, this wouldn't have happened." At my exclamation of the utter irrelevence of the two, she said "I know, but it's a Petit Prince thing." Made me laugh and love her. I want to wear a skirt tomorrow. It's been colder lately, though. Ick.

so that's neat.
hey, hey, hey, bobby mcgee


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