Friday, April 30, 2004

no good very bad day

so today sucked. everything that could be bad was, except our bio homework was postponed...because we have an enormous test that i'm clueless about on monday. for the most part, everything was okay until fifth period. in gym, we polka-d and i wasn't picked by anyone but the freshmen, who go last. it was very embarassing. and my partner was like up to my shoulder, even tho we did make semi-finals. i felt really horrible about myself for the rest of the day. i know everyone probably thinks that i have self-esteem issues [krissie does, anyway] but for the most part, i really am okay with how i look. and i know that that's not the reason every boy i've ever met refuses to talk to me, but i can't figure out for the life of me what it is. mom says they're intimidated but i don't get how i'm so scary--i've definitely toned down the meanness and am quite willing to get along. a while ago gram told me it was time i started dating, which thoroughly depressed me, cause i'm quite ready to be dated--but there seems to be a lack of willing participants. everyone thinks i'm being a big loser because it hurt so much except for shannon eberly and my mom. makes me want to use the f word a lot, to be quite frank.
anyways, after that, everything bad seemed to be amplified. did a bad job on my composition in french and bombed a geometry test that i would've gotten right if i had left the original answers. gah. and mr. emig was being observed today, so he tried to make us pay attention instead of letting us slack off like normal.
and all my friends are busy tonight. i really want to go to viethai café but i'm not cool enough for anyone.
man i whine. yeah, well, eff you.

Napalm "Drop it like it's hot"