Saturday, September 18, 2004

who needs sleep

went to mander pander's tonight. i forgot how much i love her. we didn't really do anything. saw a lady with four boobs on tv and ate pizza and just watched television all night. it was nice. and then ashley came over and we sat at the table and they talked sex and i giggled and pretended to be informed. i really like being able to be a dork about fantasy and all the dumb stuff me and her like. we're hoping to watch magical legend of the leprechauns sometime soon. i don't want her to leave now. meh. i didn't realize that she was actually going to be gone...

and mia's officially 18. happy happy birthday, shout hurray....

oh and i ran the last mile of my high school career. which is awesome. i made it under by nine seconds. and have enormous blisters on my toes. and ohh man i need a shower like nobody's business.

i uber love school. i'm a nerd, but i like everything that's going on. talked to doc nel today about learning languages and that was good. only yeah wanna shoot mr. filizzi in the freakin foot. patronize the bullet in your blood stream. other than that i'm baskin

holy tiredness. off to bed in ali's bed [because there's no room on mine]. i'm SLEEPING IN tomorrow. i haven't slept more than 6 hours in like two weeks. it's gonna be sooo awesome.


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