Wednesday, March 21, 2001

I just got back from my chorus concert. I suppose it was worth it, but halfway through watching Ms.Lardin's hair dance as she conducted I REALLY wished that I could be talking to Christa about...anything. I miss everything. I would say shes like a big sister to me, but shes not. I know her. I don't know her favorite color or favorite food. But I know (I think anyways...) how she would react in a situation. More or less. I love being this close to her. My friends at school make me realize just how important (speeling!!!) having someone to anchor-or elate-me is. I live and die for our moments.... I think I've finially learned how to be deep without her. Although, talking on the trampoline and listening to my "bouncy song" (REMEMBER!?!?!) somehow seems to top it.... =) She's taught me so much about everything.... and now, as I'm done my stalker bit for the night, I think I will go brush my teeth.


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