Wednesday, October 15, 2003

catch22 was amazing....oh man. it was like the best thing ever. not as good as flogging molly, or ZWAN, admittedly, but amazing nontheless. i got yelled at my the lead singer of boy's night out for being bored and laying on the stage and sleeping. instead of slick shoes, THE EYELINERS played and were sooo awesome. I met this girl Bonnie there and we were like screamin the lyrics [her more so than me but still] and the guitarist played behind her head adn they were soo frickin good i can't get over it. catch22 was super duper awesome but it seemed like they didn't play much because it was so fast and i didn't know all that many of their newer songs. but they played 1234 as an encore and i got to sing into the mic and the trumpet player/singer gave me water. it was sooo awesome oh man. and i got the set list from the eyeliners and laura signed it and i was freakin out and it was soo much fun ever. and i got bonnie's info so that'll be fun...she hangs out with the huntingtons and saw dhc with reverend horton heat.


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