Wednesday, December 17, 2003

mom's a nurse! we went to the pining last night and i bawled my eyes out, partially because someone spoke about their friend dying of cancer and i couldn't get my mind off michelle. But a lot of it was because i'm so proud of mom and we've all gone through so much and she's so happy. Unfortunately, I was sitting next to david and kyle who started giggling every time i wiped my eyes. gargh. heather kept commenting on how french i looked, which gave me a nice ego boost. then she said i look like a hooker, and the boost rather deflated. but i like wearing heels. i wish i had more pairs, and that i could walk without looking like a total boy in them. i should get alex and mia to give me lessons. yeah. i talked to jd for the first time ever, without other people in the conversation. that was neat. even though it was about scarves and i told him he looked like a fighter pilot.
the graduation was today--which really was no big thing. it was cool, though. i mostly read mightygirl archives on stan's phone then hooted and hollered and what have you when mom went on stage. we went to heritage hills afterwards for lunch, and i stuffed myself with crab dip, crab cake, and creme brulé. i still feel like vommiting and drinking gallons of water.
i came home and took a nap after whining in my journal for a bit--woke up at 5:30 or so really mad for no reason other than hormones. i harumphed around and yelled because i wanted to go see lord of the rings and no one would take me, but we're going tomorrow after school. i still don't have my annotated bibliography and i told mrs. mckinney that i would have it tomorrow. hrmm. methinks i'm going to emphasize the fact that i said by the end of the week. i hope we have a delay tomorrow. only i want to spend time with sweet sweet skyler who i don't even really know. i'm suck a creepy stalker--i was debating getting him a cowboy hat as a welcome back to the states gift then i realized that mick dundee has one so he probably had one covered in vegimite and crocodiles. woe is me.
lord of the rings and last minute christmas shopping tomorrow
with mia


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