Thursday, May 06, 2004

they call 'general anxiety disorder'

i have these panic moments. usually they're about getting older, about finity, but sometimes they are diverted. right now it's normal schools tuff--not finishing assignments, and people being mad at me [and wondering why i'm so afraid of that] and having to deal with everything instead of hiding from it, and it's getting a little overhwelming.

but it's all right.

i'm listening to this song by the cure, and i feel so late whenever i pick up old music, but it seems so pristine and emotional. and it's making me relax. because summer's almost here--and even though i still don't have my passport or my permit, summer's almost here. by summer i mean green leaves and breezy skirts and sunburn and volleyball and hide and go seek in the dark in the gordy's back yard and the sun setting late and fooling the grown-ups into staying up even later. it gives me this incredible feeling of relief.

one more thing--
on my playlist there's two songs that i had forgotten about--they're bits i recorded on my mom's phone at the flogging molly concert. and one of michael playing guitar and christa screaming.

so just calm down. it'll be all right. breathe