Monday, May 03, 2004

ten point five

we're watching that stupid earthquake movie, 10.5. it's such a huge waste of time. but we're watching it anyways. right.

today we went to the eagle's nest for mediocre seafood--but there was a LOT of it. we saw elle there, with todd. it was a good time. i thought i stuffed myself, but realized i hadn't eaten taht much because picking crabs takes about ten thousand years so yeah.

they're "preparing to set the warhead" on tv.

talked to crybaby today about music. he likes get up kids...ew. but he was singing karma payment plan so i can't really disagree there.
oh yeah, modest mouse, the yeah yeah yeahs, and THE VIOLENT FEMMES are showing up at HFStival. effing awesome.

ryan's home, too. we're supposed to play on thursday but i love friends too much. who else is gonna bawl their eyes out at the last episode? because i'm planningo n it. me and mom and a box of tissues, that's all you need.

mom says i'm mean and that's why boys hate me. whatev.

craving ice cold jello right now. mmmmmmm............