Tuesday, May 04, 2004

say what?

we all drink we lemonade

so last night lissa and i were watching a plastic surgery show about breast augmentation, and one woman had some wierd thing where they were flat on the bottom and i'm really worried that mine are like that...i thought i was okay, and they look pretty normal, but still. i hope not. =/

oh yeah angels and demons is awesome. frickin awesome. i'm like 2/3 of the way through and i can't freakin put it down.

so here's my freak triumph of the day. i came home and poured myself a bowl of cocoa pebbles and put them BACK because they're not healthy! and i made myself a tuna sandwhich with pepperjack cheese and had a glass of milk. and it was delicious. awesome, huh?

i hate frau zimmerman more and more every day. she infuriates me. and apparently she's going to be my german teacher next year, too! bleh. her and mr. adams should get married because they'd win crappiest child award.