Friday, October 17, 2003

i look like a sexy librarian/emo kiddo today.
i made a pseudo-drunken lullabies with everything out of order and catch22 on it
and warner called last that was a little wierd. he was working the whole time, too, and we didn't actually have a real conversation. the first actual question he asked was like how did that whole custody thing turn out...but i'm probably being judgemental.
so death valley queen
go and marry your king
or an old maid you'll end up for certian
i cant' ever get over flogging molly. like ever. i listen to this song and daydream about singing it with kyle's dreamy lacrosse coach or some other boy who adores them as much as i do and i get the serious concert/summer/screaming/dancing feverously happy feeling that i haven't gotten anywhere except at their concert.
and the ball dropped why everything fell by the way
as your teardrops were fallin i forgot to say
that i have always loved you


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