Thursday, January 10, 2002

Oh, everything is so pretty right now. Surfing through paranoidgirl and it's many many links always puts me in a good mood. I have art next period, which isn't bad, tho my new teacher actually collects assignments as opposed to my hippy-dippy teacher [don't get me wrong, I like her] that forgot what we were doing from one class to the next. But it has a midterm. I think this whole school is too academic-focused. Who goes to school to learn, anyways?
Oh, beautiful, beautiful blogger! I miss it so much. Soon the server will find out what I'm doing and I'll get kicked off, so I have to post quickly:

I am at my new school currently, and it' was expected. I miss Reston terribly and I don't think this school could be more different from South Lakes. Not that I'm in love with South Lakes or anything, but I'd grown awfully used to it. I visited Reston last week [almost a week ago-how time flies] and had a beautiful wonderful time, full of laughing, staying up late, hugs, wraps, sneaking food into theaters [not to self-75 buttered popcorns do not cover up the smell of garlic mashed potatos] and sadly, goodbyes. I do want to go back there. More than almost anything. But Beth may be comming down this weekend, along with my dad, so not everything's bad. But I forgot my lunch money today. =( They have the most disgusting innovation of the twenty first century=peanut butter and jelly in a bag of bread. Not a bag, per say, but two pies that have been vacum sealed together. It tastes fine, don't get me wrong, but...yes. It's very very interesting.

This isn't the greatest post, I apoligize for my lapse in creativity. =(

Warner's at college now. Hrm hrm hrm. I am a little upset at not being able to see him more often, but it's not like we visit each other a lot anyways. But still. I guess I should've done it when I had the chance. Oh well! Warner, if you're reading this, email me or some such thing, and we can get in touch. Because you're at the big-kid school [he's only 16, for those of you who don't know] and I wanna see how goes it.