Monday, February 19, 2007

this is becoming increasingly like zanguh

i spent this whole weekend with my friend kim except for four hours. weird. we made clothes. well i made clothes. i made a sweet dress out of a blue and white striped sheet and an apron. i've been making a lot of summery clothes lately.

i have this idea for a top. a jumper with white tshirt material and big red buttons and a red and white flowered lightning bolt across the front. to be worn at my kickball birthday party. i don't have anything serious to say.

i'm just really excited for warm weather. and riding my bike. sometime soon i'll post a list of good summer things. and you tell me yours. i don't think anyone reads this anymore. just christa and sometimes mia. hm. oh well. i'd like to know them anyways.
ta ta!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

snow day

school is canceled tomorrow for the first time in eleven years. yeah! i have to drive to pittsburgh because it's valentine's day. i'm making kurt a really delicious dinner. i'm going to bet that he won't read this between now and then and tell you what it is:

a tomato basil spread over crackers with mozarella cheese yummm

mussels, clams, and shrimp in a spicy marinara sauce over linguine. delish.

a chocolate raspberry whipped cream tarte made from scratch. ith a graham cracker crust.

those are all kind of my favorite foods so don't tell him. but i'm excited to eat this stuff. i'm so hungry. right now i'm makin a mess of rice and beans delisioso.

i'm in my new big room i like it. good for having people over. i've had two girls sleep in my bed so far.

tonight leland and kim are coming over to watch house and eat bruchetta and cheese. i love my friends. i've been thinking about staying at IUP instead of transfering to pitt. i don't know what i want to do though. pitt and linguistics has always been a big deal but the more i learn about pitt and the way classes are run, the less iw ant to go there. i don't think i would do well in such large classes and not knowing the professor. and i love my friends here a LLOOOTTT. and i would be saving mucho mucho money and probably not go into too much debt. but i am afraid that i'm not going because i'm afraid it will be too hard. and that i'll regret it. but what if i regretted going there? paralyzed.

gimmie some comfort.