Friday, August 27, 2004

she's feeling rather whelmed

so back from france. have been for a while. it was a bit of a let-down, but whatever. i'm getting mad homesick and excited for school to start. only not right now because i'm spending tonight with two polish lifeguards and this afternoon shopping away my hard-earned cash. sweet man sweet. i slept for like forty hours today. it was nice.

kristen cut my hairs. i've got the mandy style going on now--mandy slash t-boz. stylin.

i saw karmella's game the other night. i'm effing in love. so good. i was supposed to see streetlight manifesto but mike had to get to work by twelve so we had to leave before Big D and the Kid's Table went on. which sucks, in my book. considering they were the only band i went to see. but i got patches and pins and a new respect for dance rock. the crowd was kind of lame, but it always is. i'm so jaded. like aerosmith, and the girl from that 70s show.

i smell bad. mayhap i should shower.

i miss kahina.
and roxie and mia and christa. a lot.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

as je lay moi down a dormir

i'm in france. its soaking up the sun and the food and the culture and its so wonderful and awesome. i really cant get over it all. lots of eye candy and real candy and wonderful shopping and sexy accents. and im tan like no other now, because the french are too cool for sunscreen. i dont want to leave. only im extremely tired right now and laying on kahinas floor with the laptop so i think ima go to bed. goodnight