Tuesday, March 06, 2007

para bailar la bamba

it's four o'clock and i've been lying in my bed for about two hours now. i have a midterm tomorrow, but i'm not particularly worried about it. it's an anthropology class about china. even though we have to sum up 2000 years worth of interaction with outsiders, i think i'll be okay. we get to prepare an outline. that's nice.

i worry about things in my bed late at night. tonight it's my brother when he gets back from his mission and how things will be between us. i'm afraid he won't like me anymore. or that he won't approve of me.

i'm listening to i got you babe.

i think i'm going to start reading the end of poverty because i can't think of anything to put me to sleep. i have a stomach ache from eating too much cheesey bread and pizza. ew. i feel nauseated when i think about food.

i'll let you know when i have something substantial to post. these entries are mostly for me. but i love you all. austin and christa, i mean. i love all of both of you.