Wednesday, January 29, 2003

The darling Miss Amelia graced my humble abode with her presence this afternoon. The original intent was to make as many new beautiful clothes as possible, but it ended up being us lying on my bed for a good little while, getting a job application from Roma's for me, and taking Mia home.

Wow, high school's exciting.

*Current Music: new realization by sublime
Current Mood: sleepy

*I've decided that since all the cool kids that use livejournal get to have that fun nonsense, I'm gonna use it too. So there.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Oh, gracious, where to begin.

I spent Friday night babysitting the girls-a formidable task for anyone, but if you leave them alone they usually don't kill ya that much. Saturday I went to a YCL meeting and hoped that Ryan wouldn't hate me forever for not telling him I'd be gone. I got back at 2 or so and arranged for him to pick me up at three. We went to the mall to buy him a cell phone battery and "me" to buy jeans that "I" didn't end up buying because they were too expensive. heh, heh. =) We went to the theater, but Chicago was sold out [an hour in advance, at that] and we ended up in Lancaster, where we went shopping at the coolest secret store [I cannot disclose the name, terribly sorry, loves]. I got a beautimous skirt that has a frog on it, who is yet to be named [suggestions welcome] and a pair of gorgeous, gorgeous shoes that I simply cannot get enough of. We went to Waffle House and laughed for about an hour straight, then came back to my house where I showed off my much-beloved room. If you're reading this, then he probably saw something that you painted, drew, wrote, inspired, or haven't yet been given. We spent the rest of the night reading children's books, setting Bagel Bite-eating records, and watching Are You Afraid of the Dark.

Darlings, I've made a new friend. =)

Not to mention re-re-re-re-re-re-falling in love with old ones:

polarREL: you are the crayon in the coloring book of my life
polarREL: you make me think that eveerything in life is so simple. and how i never have to grow up

I wore my newly-christened Lucky Skirt today [the aforementioned frog-adorned one] out taking pictures of the mahvelous snow-covered landscapes. I listened to Tonight, Tonight as giant snowflakes fell on my hair and Mia's beautimous wool sweater and I closed my eyes to soak in everything around me.

Right now: "Hook" by Blues Traveler, letters to friends, flannel pajama pants, missing you.

Friday, January 24, 2003

there's a steel train comming through
i would take it if i could
and i would not lie to you
because sunday morning soon will come
when things would be much easier to say
upon the microphone like a boss dj....

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Things I learned today:

put a penny under your tongue before you go to the nurse's office, so when she takes your temperature it will read that you have a fever

no one sleeps enough

getting out of gym is easier than i thought

yellow is more welcomed in the winter, when everything seems surrounded by gray

VW cars are not the greatest, though they tend to be the purtiest.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

I'm jumping in and out and around of Blues Traveler and CCR and Bob Dylan.

Where have you been all my life?

Oh, yes. Out of my knowledge.

I apoligize for the lack of creativity. I feel a little drained by the time I come home each day and I don't fully awake until it's almost time to go to sleep. A little counter productive, I admit, but last night I wrote in multi-colors, which I consider painting. Life's slowly seeping back. Dashboard comes to mind: "I'll be okay when my hands get warm".

Talked to Warner last night for a good 2 hours. =) I'm horrible at getting off the phone when I'm supposed to, along with the computer, which is why I must cut this short.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003


i wish i was hugged more often. i wish i had someone to hold hands with. i wish i had my own car. my own license, for that matter. i wish i could play guitar better. i wish i had more cds. i wish i had more clothes that i liked. i wish that the united states would give more money to third world countries. i wish that i would. i wish that i had fuzzy slippers. i wish that i had more sweaters. i wish i got things done sooner. i wish this health report i'm supposed to be doing gets done on time [by 2nd period]. i wish that i could be with my best friends instead of just talking to them. i wish i could see more stars. i wish i could make more wishes. i wish i had red rubber rain boots. i wish i could be around you, more. i wish my hair was longer. i wish i had the guts to cut my hair shorter. i wish i had wigs. i wish that batteries didn't run down so quickly, and that people were more apt to smile.

i wish.

Saturday, January 04, 2003

More power to ya, babydoll.

I'm rather proud of you, really. You've managed to be so cool and such a free thinker after living in Dallastown all your life. Who'd've thunk that the Armpit of America could spawn such a beautiful girl that is so full of color. I know you've been feeling gray and down lately pal, but you'll get through it. Keep Spilling Open close and call me whenever you feel those starbursts starting to fade. You're magical and don't let whatever's out there tell you otherwise.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

I've had another reawakening, of sorts. Life gets hard, I've found, but a few things can help you through it. Hugs, tears, wise words, dreams, you. I went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico in my clothes with my family [those who do and don't look like me], was/am sleep deprived after 2 18-hour drives and a fabulous party. People suprise me, again and again, and that's usually a good thing. I saw a much-beloved friend after who-knows-how-long, felt incredibly loved and fully surrounded in a constant hug for a solid week, and laughed until my stomach hurt over and over. I think you could get rock-hard abs after a month with Warner and Krissie and the gang. I'm not much looking forward to my return to school, but it's only two days until the weekend and I found my CDs and quite a few new musical discoveries [see below]. I now own two diamonds, two Sark books, and the promise of a shopping spree tomorrow with the girls and hopefully as-of-yet unnamed pal.

see you soon, loves.

ps- i really meant what i said about wanting emails. it makes me ever-so-sad to see "you have no unread messages" over and over. hurry!