Friday, October 31, 2003

oh man last night was so much fun. it was pseudo halloween in dallastown, and lelaina and vicki stepped out grandma's front door for a night on the town. we went over to the godfrey's and did the my sharona dance with fruity on their front porch cause we couldn't do it at a gas station. we're going to eat gas. speaking of eating, i'm practically finished my halloween candy after 4 candy bars. i think i'm gonna dip into my sisters' stashes. but yeah this creepy kid also named kyle but not dressed up like alex grabbed my boob and i like bent his fingers back and threw 'em at his face--just not hard. i'm such a wuss. what a fatty. (him). alicia was so mucho fun--last year me and rox were scared of her...dunno why. but yeah. we had an awesome time. and we found morocco and her bunch--and i can't get over my jealousy complex to even smile at holy. jeeze that's like the first time i've thought of him outside of school but i still can't be nice. i hate my crazy. and fruity's soo gross i mean man. he like exploded with metaphorical pimples all over us last night. and his car smelled like sweaty armpit. made me remember how he used to, back in the paaants days. ew. ew. i'm grossing myself out...

i'm outie 5000

i want that movie back.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

rox and i went to party city today and walmart and wendy's...good ole stalkin. i found the wig i want for halloween and it freaked me out how much i look like ali with no hair. except my face is all fat and bleh. anyhoodles. i'll still be hot.

yw in excellence tonight. i'm speaking in french. i only have my speech half done and nothing else at all but hey it's all gravy. mom was like "i'll come, but you owe me" and it hurt my feelings lots. =(

roxie was really fun today. she spit out her gum on a candy bar and we were laughing silently for like ten minutes in the baby aisle.

went to salvation army last night. i got two sweaters and a dress i'm turning into a skirt, with mia's help. i think i'm gonna go back and get that go go ish thing for machalea if she wants it. or i'll just tell her about it. it was fun.

my skirts all wrinkley and i have to wear ugly hose but hey i'm wearing an mxpx shirt...oh wait. that's no relief. barf all over me.

vicky minor here i come.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

i really cannot get over death valley queen. today we went on a picnic at calvert cliffs. it was going to be a group date but ended up just being whoever wants to come can. it was really fun. we played on the swings and tires and all of that good stuff and played missionary tag then layed in the sunshine and having space wars on the blanket. i drove some, in the dark what's more.

i kinda hate half my friends. not really at all....but i dunno. feels like i'm not connecting with anyone lately. maybe it's just lack of summertime. man...i keep pretending that summer is only so wonderful because of the lack of responsibility and absolute nothingness that it encompasses but i think the heat definitely has something to do with it.

Friday, October 17, 2003

i look like a sexy librarian/emo kiddo today.
i made a pseudo-drunken lullabies with everything out of order and catch22 on it
and warner called last that was a little wierd. he was working the whole time, too, and we didn't actually have a real conversation. the first actual question he asked was like how did that whole custody thing turn out...but i'm probably being judgemental.
so death valley queen
go and marry your king
or an old maid you'll end up for certian
i cant' ever get over flogging molly. like ever. i listen to this song and daydream about singing it with kyle's dreamy lacrosse coach or some other boy who adores them as much as i do and i get the serious concert/summer/screaming/dancing feverously happy feeling that i haven't gotten anywhere except at their concert.
and the ball dropped why everything fell by the way
as your teardrops were fallin i forgot to say
that i have always loved you

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

catch22 was amazing....oh man. it was like the best thing ever. not as good as flogging molly, or ZWAN, admittedly, but amazing nontheless. i got yelled at my the lead singer of boy's night out for being bored and laying on the stage and sleeping. instead of slick shoes, THE EYELINERS played and were sooo awesome. I met this girl Bonnie there and we were like screamin the lyrics [her more so than me but still] and the guitarist played behind her head adn they were soo frickin good i can't get over it. catch22 was super duper awesome but it seemed like they didn't play much because it was so fast and i didn't know all that many of their newer songs. but they played 1234 as an encore and i got to sing into the mic and the trumpet player/singer gave me water. it was sooo awesome oh man. and i got the set list from the eyeliners and laura signed it and i was freakin out and it was soo much fun ever. and i got bonnie's info so that'll be fun...she hangs out with the huntingtons and saw dhc with reverend horton heat.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

so, homecoming. a bit of a disappointment. mia and i looked way hot that was fun. i still haven't washed my face or taken out my hair. i wore fake eyelashes and ballet slippers. woohoo...but like the dance totally sucked. the music was even worse than last time [cause they didn't play the clash] and all of my friends except mia forgot i was there. which didn't really even bug me...i'm just really tired. so mia and kyle and i left at like 10 or something and went to borders then york township park and we were gonna go to the buergers but mom was being super fat and dumb so now kyle and i are sitting at home cursing mom. i'm soo tired. there was supposed to be a mariachi band at el rodeo but they were a no-show. plus on the way home me and mia were all mad and crap so we snapped at everyone. bleh. bummer summer kinda thing. i hate curfews.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

and how

Sunday, October 05, 2003

This weekend was so awesome. It doesn't really sound like much in retrospect but I was like constantly happy. Friday night we had some Buergers over and I went to Manda's house. I couldn't stop thinking of the good ole Flogging Molly-Magical Legend of the Leprechauns-driving with music days of last April. I really missed/miss old manda. But still. It was neat.

Saturday night was super crazy awesome. Mia and the buergers came over and we jumped around and had a good ol' time. We turned on kyle's strobe light and black light and spinny raver thingie and were jamming to scooter in his room. and the spaghetti was amazing and lots of good fun jokes. =) we saw SCHOOL OF ROCK which will always be one of my very favorite movies ever. i haven't liked a movie this much since ghost world. and this might even top that. i couldn't stop smiling. when they mentioned motorhead me and mia were like 'whoo!" only very quietly. i cannot get over how happy it made me. seriously. story of my life (hopefully). anyhoodles. we were delinquents after we got back from the movie, what with the sneaking in and out of mia's house and doing donuts in the giant parking lot. it was way scary tho, and the mustang fangoriously devours your feet if you're sitting in the backseat. ahh good times. oh oh oh! on the way home from the movie we were driving through some subdivision and i was like "Run the stoplight! WOOO!" and mia's so good at improvising that she turned off her lights and went like a billion miles an hour. then later we accidently/on purpose ran a red light that was sooo scary because it looked a lot closer than it was. but we got home alright, thanks to janis joplin and drunken lullabies. good times...uhh mia spent the night and we were all girly staying up late and being giggly. apparently sometime during the night i said "you used me!" and punched her, unknowingly. she said she punched me back. and today was just good fun. we went to grandma's and everyone was admiring my hair because i brushed it for the first time in like a week....i'm in such an awesome mood, not to mention i just wrote a pretty kick spanky cool english paper out of thin air in like ten seconds.

later this week:

MUST watch Cool Hand Luke with Roxie someday after school (wednesday good for you?)
get ballet slippers for homecoming
wear go-go outfit
homecoming with my hot hot date amelia

Saturday, October 04, 2003

today so far has been really fun. we had tay-tay, davey, and their poppa over last night for a little while. then the older two went home and david and tay-tay and ausin and i played truth or dare in the kitchen while eating chinese food. this morning i went to wal-mart with stan and ali to shop for a birthday present, and we got stuff for dinner tonight that's going to be really really good. we're probably gonna invite the buergers over, and mia's already coming over. we're probably gonna go out afterwards--but i don't know what all we'll do. i wanted to wear my go-go outfit but i don't have the boots, so i suppose i'll have to wait. oh yeah, at wal-mart i got fake eyelashes. i dunno when i'm gonna wear 'em tho. maybe for homecoming. ahh such a good mood. then i cleaned a bunch, in the kitchen...which wasn't that fun. but i was all jamming out to the sounds and the aquabats and oasis and such. so yeah. there ya have it.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

i miss ryan really bad. mer. =( he's not coming back till thanksgiving, and we're probably not going to be here for that....sad.
school's been pretty okay. elle and i are assistant sexy librarians, aka we help shelve books day 4 period 5. i'm really into high school. i dunno not really high school, but we're so young. so much to do. bio class is alway so much fun even though we're being like huge dorks. today we were talking about boys and girls and it was just soo stupid but funny. ahh good times. and i so love being super obnoxious class clown at oktoberfest yelling at brenna and goofing around with alex. jeeze i bet a lot of people hate me. ahh well what can you do.

so i'm re-reading many waters by madeline l'engle...and i had decided i wouldn't be able to do the just a loincloth thing because i'd feel so nakey but it's steaming hot in my mom's room right now and i'm willing to try it, i decided.

i love intelligence sooo much. man. it's so dreamy. if only...sigh.