Monday, September 27, 2004

and again.

we sat there, uninhibited by anything.

no shoes, no bras, no worries
just laughter and smiles and ice cream and a light summer drizzle that was really more refreshing than wetting. we laughed at everything and pretended that the piles of rocks behind us were diamonds and opals and rubies and more valuable than anything we had ever seen. and we were sitting on them.

and then she had to go to work and i to do laundry, back to our growing up lives. back to yelling and complicated tears and new situations that you're not entirely sure you want to be in.

but you know what? it's alright. i'm alright. she's alright. the two don't have to be seperate. we can have our five-year-old moments while trying to wade through our almost-adult problems. because ignoring isn't the same thing as knowing, and still looking above.

i wrote that about me and mia two summers ago, sitting in the exon parking lot by my house eating ice cream. i miss not feeling so ridiculously old.
but i still like holding her hand and making pretty clothes. i remember being obsessed with glitter and ribbons and playing pretend but i still really like life right now. and i always have been in love with mia.

boss dj ain't nothing but a man

i have an uber crush on a boy. not like uber crush he's so amazing, like i've never talked to him and think he's dreamy. he is my big red hair boy. hopefully. but i was daydreaming about him playing boss DJ for me on a white bed and kissing in the rain and being really dumb and cutesy. i don't even know his last name. oh well. i really like this week's softer world.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Her Majesty's Ship

realized no one has my autre website. yeah.

i still like this one better.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

who needs sleep

went to mander pander's tonight. i forgot how much i love her. we didn't really do anything. saw a lady with four boobs on tv and ate pizza and just watched television all night. it was nice. and then ashley came over and we sat at the table and they talked sex and i giggled and pretended to be informed. i really like being able to be a dork about fantasy and all the dumb stuff me and her like. we're hoping to watch magical legend of the leprechauns sometime soon. i don't want her to leave now. meh. i didn't realize that she was actually going to be gone...

and mia's officially 18. happy happy birthday, shout hurray....

oh and i ran the last mile of my high school career. which is awesome. i made it under by nine seconds. and have enormous blisters on my toes. and ohh man i need a shower like nobody's business.

i uber love school. i'm a nerd, but i like everything that's going on. talked to doc nel today about learning languages and that was good. only yeah wanna shoot mr. filizzi in the freakin foot. patronize the bullet in your blood stream. other than that i'm baskin

holy tiredness. off to bed in ali's bed [because there's no room on mine]. i'm SLEEPING IN tomorrow. i haven't slept more than 6 hours in like two weeks. it's gonna be sooo awesome.

Saturday, September 04, 2004


memorial day weekend and i'm down with strep. i also didn't get to turn in any of those humungo assignments that i didn't sleep because of...sweet! but yeah feeling craptastic. and i dont know if we'll be able to go to rx bandits because dad doesn't want to let us go early. whatev. i stayed home on friday and slept until one o'clock. it was insane. and i was still tired.

watched being john malkovich with dad and kyle last night. uber funny. and wierd. but cool.

i'm really liking school this year. i have gym eighth period with linnhe and i felt uber hot on thursday because of my button-down shirt and emo kid sweater. awesome. i love getting to dress up every day. and by dress up i mean not wearing pajamas. but seriously like i'm bursting with happiness cause i look uber hot thanks to france and i love all my friends and i like my clothes and everything's just so good. except for dad, but i don't have to be down here all the time any more so woot!

PARTAY sometime soon. feel free to come. it's gonna be tubular and a half. like falopian tubular.