Sunday, March 05, 2006

higher education

the most college thing i've done, to date:

drank a cup of apple jacks that i stole from the cafeteria [both the cup and the apple jacks] because i didn't have any clean spoons.

the milk was fresh, though.

sun kil moon

this is a strange time of night. no one seems to be around, but it's not quite the hushed sleep of a weekday. i find myself remembering memories of seasons and music that are so intertwined that they couldn't be unwound. 'glen tipton' and an open window place me in a new love's car with the windows down because it seemed like it should be warm enough. long drives under stars and tree tops pull at a part of my heart that i seem to have forgotten about until now. i'm reminded so much of my fears at the time, of what would or wouldn't, should or shouldn't happen. i don't know if i'm any different from that girl. that's all it is, i suppose. i don't know.
i found a fortune that said we have too many sounding words and too few actions that correspond with them. it's an almost cold night and an almost sad song is ringing in my ears. i don't know if these words mean anything.

i like to think that they do.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

up up and away

I found this on my buddy list tonight:

Get buzzed, get drunk, get crunked, get fuuuuucked up...Friday night in good old Indiana... Do it!

Let go, and let God.