Friday, November 28, 2003

Thanksgiving really was great. I had a grand ole time sleeping in the boys' room and watching the Conan 10th Anniversary Special. My aunts and uncles and cousins of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th persusasion respectively, rock and roll all night [and party ev-er-y day]. I went by the Salvation Army and picked up some neato stuff. Namely a hat and a skirt and a scarf...hrm. The ride back was rather montonous--gray skies and open road don't make the most enrapturing combination. So I'm goin to bed. Happy birthday Roxie, Mandy, and Momma. Congrats on having your bday day before Thanksgiving. I really did think about you lots. I'm glad you were born. =) I also got Rox's present while I was down in the south.

I keep having dreams about these boys and it's really really wierd. Some Korean kid who apparently I went out on 2 dates with. I can't remember his face, but I think he was Lane [from Gilmore Girls]'s cousin or boyfriend or something? Bleh. I need to get my mind off of all this stupid stupid stuff. I hate it. Barf. Alright. Ta ta.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Sunday, November 23, 2003

deux, trois, quatre [cue guitar]

Je m' baladais sur l' avenue
Le coeur ouvert à l' inconnu....

happy thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 15, 2003

soo last night was the most fun i've had in forever. i went out with jess, michaela, linnhe, and nikki and none of us have ever hung out before with each other--which made it that much better. it was 80s night and we looked so hot. these drunk 20-somethings hit on us and they were wrestlers and we stood them up in the parking lot. it was awesome. we got so slap happy because we were so tired and nikki's hair was like six inches straight up and ohh it was so much fun. i didn't eat like any of my food but the rolls and the rice were really really good. oh yeah we went to texas roadhouse. today i went on the french field trip to walter's museum in baltimore. that was pretty awesome, except i feel so out of the loop now because i haven't seen anyone all day. the exhibits were really awesome--i wish i had someone [id est, christa] who got how to go through museums and who liked the same things i did. i wandered around by myself a lot, and took some cool notes. i got taylor a christmas gift and found what i want to get kyle--but it's 25 bucks.

i think mom hates me. she asked me to come home from grandma's and now i wish i had stayed because i've barely even seen her and she's all mad because it's after 6 o'clock. argh i get so mad at her sometimes. i guess i'm probably just tired too. i hate everything right now, thouhg. i'm so seven years old.

everyone on tv has gaps in their teeth except sylvester stalone.

someone put me out of my misery.

i watched my big fat greek wedding at grandma's. i love that movie. good times, all by myself on the couch. again.

life has been really hectic lately. and it's very possible i'm just feeling that way because i've been busy all weekend and barely home but jeeze i was thinking about how fast the thanksgiving break is going to go and i just can't handle it--i think i'm going to have a breakdown soon.

i want christa.

What a blessed release
and what a masquerade

Thursday, November 13, 2003

ew, i just realized how selfish that last post was. i disgust myself. but still...ohh man. i love phantom so much.
Woo hoo i'm at work, waiting for the white-out on an invoice i messed up to dry so i can finish typing it....this week's been pretty good. i always think weeks take a long time till i realize it's thursday and just yesterday was sunday. it's wierd. papaw said he'd take me to phantom of the opera and that i can bring a friend, so yeah. you guys better start buying me stuff and praising me if you want to go. if you're not a fan of opera, no worries, i'll think of you while i'm strutting all around new york with my new hard-earned cash and grandpa who likes to show his love through materialism.

chew on that.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

latley i just can't seem to believe
discard my friends and change the scenery
at dad's--a little downtrodden.

michelle has a tumor the size of a grapefruit on her lung.

and krissie and kyle are now gone--to work and lacrosse respectively. so i'm here all by my lonesome till 11. all by my lonesome with 15 people.

papaw said he'd take me to phantom of the opera

and i can't stop crying because if that was christa i would be exploding and my mom seems totally okay and it's not fair that this should happen to her because she's one of the best people i know. i have ever known. and shes like my mom so i don't understand this.

and i found out i like to grieve in private.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Think of me,
think of me fondly,
when we've said
Remember me
once in a while -
please promise me
you'll try.

When you find
that, once
again, you long
to take your heart ...

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

feeling bleh latley. probably just pmsing and other gross girly stuff like that, but i've been feeling too fat and too mediocre and something you could get anywhere. so no wonder no one's paying any special attention.

breaking out the dandy warhols.

ps i hate boys

Saturday, November 01, 2003

halloween was pretty fun, all in all. i went to the foosball game for a total of like 20 minutes then mia and i left in the butch to go see alex, who wasn't there, so we ended up gorging ourselves on giant hot choclates. i did anyways. so we left to hang out at the buergers. we watched ghost world and bride of frankenstein and after mia left brother buerger and i watched bed of roses. all the boys fell asleep in the living room, but i was still up at like 1:30 and then brother buerger said JD's bed would be empty cause he was staying out all night...apparently that was a miscommunication because he came home sometime in the middle of the night to find me in his bed. i said that to bro. buerger and he was like "answer to all his prayers" which made me laugh. so we drove home the long way, enjoying all the beautiful fall weather and having a grand old time. so tonight we're going to the corn maize/maze thing in lancaster with them and i'm trying to get mia to come but her phone has been busy for like the last HOUR so i dunno. i really wanted her to tho. anyhoodles. i'm off

oh yeah also went to goodwill after getting my eyebrows done with heather and got a shirt that i'm gonna make into my johnny are you queer shirt and stan's christmas present and a white scarf. i love being cheap. all for 6 bucks.