Monday, September 24, 2007

this ship has sailed

i'm having a hard time dealing with reality.

i have a quiz today and a test tomorrow and a new job starting tonight and a paper due on wednesday and another due on thursday and another test on friday.

and all i can think about is sleeping late and blowing off as much class as i can and going away to pittsburgh.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


i want there to be a party this weekend. and i'd like to buy or find or make the perfect shirt or skirt or dress and take the time to get gussied up and walk in to a warm welcoming and hear music from middle school on the stereo and dance with friends and sing into each others' faces and step back for just a second to see how happy everyone is even though none of us can feel that way on our own. and then i'll jump back in and we'll make up dances and stay up late and eat hot food in the early morning hours and go to bed, exhausted, smiling and smelling like smoke.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


i'm taking a cue from maggeh and telling you about my first decade.

age one: i roll out of the basket my mother is carrying me in, getting dirt in my nose, eyes, mouth, and ears on my blessing day.

age two: i am enamored of my older brother. we spend hours playing detectives, trying to protect our baby brother from the government.

age three: while watching cinderella, i tell my father that i would have 'macked the step sisters.

age four: i decide i am running away from home. i pack my care bear suitcase with apple sauce and underwear and set off for my friend erin's house. i do not get down the block before turning around, in tears.

age five: i get chicken pox, the worst our doctor had ever seen. i watch teenage mutant ninja turtles and eat chicken noodle soup, and am not yelled at for having my feet on the couch. i first understand the benefits of being sick.

age six: we move to a larger neighborhood with more children. i have nightmares about a tyrannasaurus rex coming down our street and eating me out of my bedroom window.

age seven: i discover books. i devour the entire baby sitters club series and anything else i can get a handle on.

age eight: i am in two weddings as a flower girl. i crimp my hair for both.

age nine: i decide i am a hippie. i wear bell bottoms and write peace + love = harmony on everything.

age ten: we move to lake charles, louisiana, at the end of my fifth grade year. i have serious disdain for my private school and their lack of imaginative thinking. i get detention for saying "crap".

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

activism and classism.

i know no one reads this, but it's been far too long and i miss writing. so.

kyle is living with me and it is going swimmingly. he's got three jobs, which is two too many but that means money will soon be much less tight, which is really all i've been thinking about lately. i have this terrible fear that november will roll around and i will have spent all of my rent money on sushi and dresses and unnecessarily hot drinks.

also, i like riding bikes. it makes me feel like i'm saving the world and flying at the same time.