Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Ho, folks! I just published my first batch of 100 words, but I don't think anyone can read 'em for a good little while...sorry. =)

Monday, April 29, 2002

"Ah, clappers. The American Dream at its greatest."
Today I stayed home from school for no particular reason, other than my mom didn't make me. I'm babysitting the Hirts till 4:30 and watching my little ones while my mom and Stan go golfing.

It's amazing how much the girls on Jenny Jones are like Cartman was on South Park. "Whateva! whateva! you don't know me! I do what I want! I ran for congressman, won, slept with my secretary, killed her, and buried her body in the woods! whateva! whateva! I do what I want! you don't know me!"

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Favorite new link: http://www.musicrag.com/ "It's all about the music, except when it's not." They plug Punk Goes Pop, which I've been dying to get ever since I heard about it. And any devoted fan of Weezer's is a friend of mine.

Monday, April 22, 2002

I've decided to be a SuperHuman when I grow up. I didn't say a Super Hero, mind. Super Heros have to save the world and be famous and smile all the time. SuperHumans have awesome powers but use them for more practical things, like opening soda cans and braiding hair. All will bow down to my amazing abilities, but I won't have to do any of that work stuff. =)


being creative and planning, again
'Cat Fight' and 'American Girl' by Dance Hall Crashers
dreaming and putting scenes from your head on paper: ink or paint, it doesn't matter
Chris's info speaking to me from 150 miles away [And we will hug and it will all seem so right because i am with you]. Everyone IM drkexistnce and thank him for me
anything and everything Rainer Maria
boxes of happy from ydnam [mandy] with 4 shirts, 4 hair clips, my blue shoe [!!!] a necklace and a ring
the loudest ska possible
beth robbing me of sleep

Friday, April 19, 2002

I'm planning on staying up late, chatting/downloading/watching Premium Blend. Anyone care to join me? I know no one really reads this blog except for Christa and Warner, occasionally. Anyways, my sn is Punkyelhsa on AIM. =) Have a good weekend, everyone.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

i'm trying so hard to keep my chin up and to smile and be pretty, keep going, ignore the bad, concentrate on the good. and it's getting to be too. much. i'm not saying i deserve to be pitied, but life does have problems and i'm not very good at dealing with the big ones. i pray with all my heart, but i'm never sure it's for the right thing. i lie in my bed singing songs to myself but they have no melody or words. breathe in and breathe out, day after day, i can do that much. it's not a matter of being alive but of staying alive. and i don't want it to be like that any more. i never wanted it to be like that. like this.

keep going, chin up, smile and be pretty. but it's not enoug, and it never will be. i just need loving arms that won't ask questions, that don't have drama and questions behind them. that don't need to understand, but do anyways. i need to wake up to '...and it was all a dream'. i need christa and a thousand nights beneath the stars and next to the ocean and a millon, billon, trillon days to relax and maybe, just maybe i'll get out of this okay. i need something more than what i've got and it lies between those two leatherbound books with my name engraved on them. hopefully, this time it will be okay. i can't say i've been through worse, but i've been through bad. and here i am, still alive, still trying to be alive. and i still have christa. i thank God for that.

Monday, April 15, 2002

Well, I'm back from another fun-filled weekend at Reston. I saw a number of new things, including:

A woman in an African headdress and dress, talking on a cell phone in traffic.

Faiad, with 550 in drug money.


Ashley Lewis [next to the comic shop], Yoko from my bio class [at Town Center] and Beth.

Not much to tell here, tho. Penn. is as boring as ever. I feel half-dead from just being here. So I hope you'll excuse me while I try and veg out for a while. [My mom "forgot" me at home again, so I've missed Seminary.]

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Punkyelhsa: she's coadios
Buddyz List: huh?
Punkyelhsa: yeEs
Buddyz List: what dooes tHat mean?
Punkyelhsa: RACIST!
Buddyz List: who ?
Punkyelhsa: YOU!
Buddyz List: WHAT?
Buddyz List: no......
Punkyelhsa: You disgust me, you frog-hater.
Buddyz List: ok ill c ya later
Punkyelhsa: alright!
Buddyz List: seriosuly what r u talking about?
Buddyz List: do u do drugs?
Punkyelhsa: never!
Punkyelhsa: I do haiku!
Buddyz List: man you have changed
Punkyelhsa: Maybe you need to accept change more readily, my friend.
Buddyz List: i just want to know what dana thinks about me
Punkyelhsa: I don't think you do.
Buddyz List: whats that supposed 2 mean?
Punkyelhsa: Nothing! nothing at all...

Isn't Eric a genius?

Thursday, April 04, 2002

See below.

*[This was taken from a paragraph, but, unfortunately, the rest of the paragraph wasn't funny.]
Interesting sentences used by the software in typing class:

Maury can fix the urn when we return from a swim at the gym.
Jan met Pam in La Paz and saw Maz and Mai beat Paul and Nan. [so politiclly correct!]
Jane felt good when she bought a ticket for the music forum.
Master yourself to master time. *
Avoid such fizzling fireworks because they just might quickly explode.

Interesting paragraphs...:

Many students argue that there just is not enough time to do everything they are supposed to do. Others, however, seem to accomplish everything demnaded with time still left to embark on activities they merely choose to pursue. What can cause us to differe so in how we analyze and spend time?