Sunday, April 27, 2003

i always tend to wake up before everybody else--7:40 on a sunday morning and this house is quieter than it ever has been. i feel like loose ends need to be tied up and a bit disombobulated. gah i don't like this feeling at all. i s'pose i'm just feeling a little stuck, a little pushed, a little stretched in the position i'm in right now. but i'm not entirely sure what that position is.

but i mustn't. because gah, i'm the only one controlling this feeling. and i say no. i'm gonna go sneak hommus and chips and say prayers because today is sunday loverly and i'm going to wear a blue skirt with a green, polka-dotted frog on it.

current mood: defiant of myself
current music: lonely day by phantom planet

Saturday, April 26, 2003

today we spent a good 4 hours selling donuts in front of wal-mart. i had a blast, tortured my feet, and gained a trillion pounds. =)

we're going out to see holes later today! woot.

to rox: we dont hate you, honey. i think all of us are a little scared at what you're doing. and that's one of the reasons we're all relatively anti-amy, she seems to be your accomplice in all of this. don't think we don't adore you, that's the very reason that we've been acting the way we have [me, anyways]. i don't think i've been as up-front with you about how i've been feeling. so yeah. just keep that in mind. and i need to apoligize for being rude about it, along with not doing this in person.

current mood: bold [as in color]
current music: the kilburn high road by flogging molly

Monday, April 21, 2003

both my parents tried to help me out of the blues, as did christa. none of it really helped, and i moped around the house, laying and lazing about. i decided to turn on the television, and lo and behold, roman holiday came on at 5:30. audrey cured me of the blues. because, silly me, i will be okay. things go on around me that i can't change, that i can't stop or help. people go crazy even with my help, and do mean things and hurt people, whether they realize it or not. and i can't fix that. so, for now at least, i'm just a princess trying to find adventure for the first time in a strange city.

current mood: relaxed
current music: wish you were here by pink floyd
gah so worried. stupey stupey people doing stupey stupey things. i hate you all.

current mood: worried
current music: drunken lullabies by flogging molly
Last night was so wonderful! I forgot how much I adore Mandy and how much fun we have together. She's so fantastic to be around, and I love that she doesn't think my family's wierd because we like each other. I've been daydreaming all day/night about driving around with her, music as loud as possible, bien sur. I can't hug her as much I'd like at the moment, so I'm settling for wearing her old clothes [at the moment: belt, hair clips, shirt]. Lissa and I beatified her shoes, and I had so much fun and it was so relaxing and absolutely fantastic. I think that this just proves how much I need to see her more than I do at the moment, because once a year is really not enough when you live 2 hours from each other.

Last today Manda Panda's comming over and we're taking the little girls to the mall, so I'm lookin forward to that. I'm in a really Luckie Strike kinda mood. Manda's gonna bring the green glitter glue so I can fix my glasses. I used her red stuff to re-rubytize my Chucks and now they're bright and bold and wondermous and I will wear them today.

current mood: jubilant
current music: routine by luckie strike

Saturday, April 19, 2003

mandy's comming tomorrow mandy's comming tomorrow and we will find easter eggs together and i cannot wait! yippeee! Today I got the most wondermous Box O' Happy from her and spent a good few hours just trying on different clothes and combinations of scarves and skirts and other fun things and Mandy is the best ever and I'm seeing her TOMORROW!

In other news, we had dinner at the Buergers tonight and they're so super duper much fun. Brother Buerger likes the coolest music and he's gonna burn some of The Sundays for me!

current mood: excited
current music: 40 oz. to Freedom by Sublime
life is one big question when you're starin at the clock
and the answer's always waiting at the liquor store
for-ty ounces to freedom so i'll take that walk

Saturday, April 12, 2003

yesterday was pretty fun--me and manda got lost on I-695 and ended up taking an hour and a half to drive around the entire thing. Luckily my strange anti-stress took over and I figured out where we were. Yay for road maps!

So now I'm trying to get 12:05 out of my mind, and it's weighing heavy on my heart and terrifies me. Meh.

Took my neck brace off in the car with Manda, it didn't really hurt to move it any more. I really did have a blast, making goldfish fly [BECAUSE FISH DON'T FLY, GET IT??], stuffing myself with Chinese food, and making fun of five year olds driving on the highway.

current mood: frightened
current music: come away with me by norah jones

Thursday, April 10, 2003

no ashley does not love him, you stupid buttface, she hates him. gah.
Yeah, I've got a neck brace on. We went to the chiropractors and he told me I had sprained it, all the tendons and ligiments and other no-fun stuff. He had me lay down and turn my head to the left [ahhhh hurt so much] and he popped it and made me cry and then felt bad. I'm going back tonight, and mehh I hurt. Bring me soup [or just regular old food, I'm good with that] and see me try to turn my entire body when I want to see something in my peripheral vision. It's quite amusing.
sooo last night I was congratulating Melissa on her wonderful rendition of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds at her talent show, and offered her a shoulder ride. As she clambered atop me, I heard a cracking/grinding sound, and had to put her down. Now I can't move my neck and didn't go to school today. We're off to see the doctors later today. Wish me luck.

Monday, April 07, 2003

I hate boys I hate boys I hate boys I hate boys gahhhhh stabba kill

Saturday, April 05, 2003

So ZWAN fell through, but I'm more or less okay with it. I went to Ali's soccer game and had a blast there, checking out the 13 year old referee [yay for pedaphiles!] and cheering her on without any refrence to her game whatsoever. I want to play with Manda Panda tonight, maybe we can finish the movie marathon, but my mommy-o wants me to stay here tonight and play because she's missed me. Slap Jack and Singing in the Rain sounds good to me.

I found out that we're going to my dad's this weekend. I hate all the resentment and tension that goes into planning where we are on the weekends. And I'm wonderfully happy either place. Decisions, decisions.

Ryan went off to visit his loverboy so he'll be gone for who knows how long and I'm doomed to spend my Monday afternoons somewhere that's not with him [what a fate!]. I want to make the ISHBELLY GO HOME shirts today but Amanda's busy getting herself primped and styled and all kinds of crazy stuff. I suppose I can do handstands by myself in the living room and read Calvin and Hobbes for the next 3 hours.

current mood: itching to dance
current music: good morning from singing in the rain
Last night Amanda and I rented 3 fantasy movies, watched one, and I re-decided she's one of the coolest people I've ever met. We watched The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns and both met our respective husbands. We went to bed suprisingly early, especially for having The Labrynth and Dark Crystal still to watch. But, I had a wonderful, wonderful time, and I'm now obsessed with everything Irish [again].

ZWAN may be later today, if Roxie calls me soon to give me the DL [yo]

current mood: giddy
current music: not forever by tsunami bomb

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Serving Size 1 oz. (28g/about 5 pretzels)

Calories-110 Calories from Fat 10
Total Fat 1g 2%
Satured Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 470mg 20%
Total Carbohydrage 21g 7%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars less than 1g
Protien 3g

I ate about 30 in the past hour and I'm still going strong.