Wednesday, August 31, 2005

yo' opinion doesn't matta

mercedes is gone. someone stole her. and i miss her. and walking to and from class is very lonely without her. first my iTrip, and now this.

yesterday i drove all the way to hell and back again. plus i stopped in pittsburgh. it was really a terrible day except for about an hour. i spent all day trying to get my car inspected but it didn't seem to work. so i guess i'm doing it all over again tomorrow. i did get to see kurt tho. and that made a lot of bleh go away.

on the way back from breakfast i was walking behind a supa coo skata kid with the vans and the low shorts and stuipd backpack and he walked by a car with a busted out window and plastic covering the hole [you know the type]. only the plastic wasn't covering the hole, it was on top of the car. he walked over to protect the teal eclipse's interior by fixing it! nice boy, huh?

Monday, August 29, 2005

officer ted leo

peace and quiet is criminal
well, there's justice in your town

death to robert shaw

i kicked french 202's butt.
i did not, however, kick parking's butt. it cost 75 dollars and i overdrew for the first time in my life. luckily, IUP is so backwards that the credit card machine wasn't electronic so i could deposit cash before i had to pay an extra 30 dollars. i only have five dollars to live on for the next week tho. plus the parking lot is crazy far. i don't even have any classes on that end of campus.

i'm excited to go to pittsburgh and camping. not camping so much. but to be with my family. i thought i'd feel really stifled by the utter lack of anything to do in indiana but so far i've been enjoying it. lots of trees and grass and i brought enough books to last me at least a week. but i don't think i'll mind hearing something besides pickups blaring country and "oh man i was so wasted...."

which means i'm going to eat some oatmeal
then i'm going to bed.

i miss you.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

home away from

Kendra is my new friend.
She lives downstairs at the end of the hall. We had a neat conversation today about love love love and our many objects of it. and it made me remember that oh, yeah, kurt is a good boyfriend. and busy doesn't mean he hates you.

i hope i remember next time.

but IUP ain't too bad.

free nights starting at 7, feel free to call.
i'm lonely.

the for real kind.

Friday, August 26, 2005

ego boost

defenestrate1979: you know
defenestrate1979: even though it's sucky to be in that situation
defenestrate1979: dang
defenestrate1979: you're an awesome writer


i have become that girl that i hate.
the nagging one.
the one who calls her boyfriend five times a day and leaves messages like "well....i guess you're out having fun...without me...hope you're doing well...i miss you...because i'm all alone here without you....".
the one who gets upset because he has a perfectly legitimate reason to get off the phone.
the one who would rather stay in on a friday night staring at the telephone than going out to have fun.
the one who watches sleepless in seattle over and over and over again.

i hate that girl.
i never wanted to be that girl.
[i've never even seen sleepless in seattle]
i'm the girl who can have conversations about air soft, who can stay in the pit for longer than a few seconds.
i don't whine, i don't pine.
maybe i could open a nagging girlfriend café. The Whine 'N' Pine. We'll serve food meant only to be picked or stared at while we wistfully push it around the plate, waiting for him to call back.
the bathrooms will have a large supply of tissues and there will be several stalls in them with faux toilets that are padded so that you can hide from the world in peace, wallowing in your own pathetic misery.

take that, bill gates.


it's my last day at home. if i had been better prepared i could spend it with everyone that i love but i think most of today is going to be packing up my life and the rest of it's going to be putting those boxes into the car.

i said good-bye to roxie and mia last night at the diner. i kicked myself most of the way home because i forgot how much more funny they are than the rest of my friends. we went back to buergers and watched a strung out billy idol strip for conan.

i talked to loverboy for a while after i got home. college life will suit me, i think. i just hope the classes do. i set it up so i only have class MWF and i'll get out at 3:15 on friday. so either that was really stupid or i just discovered the secret to passing without trying at IUP. the only class i'm scared about is french 202 because i'm not sure if i'm good enough at writing papers in french. actually, i know i'm not.

any more suggestions for wall hangings?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

university of what?

PS I have given up on xanga.

I'm bad at packing.
I think it's because I'm bad at leaving.
I haven't managed to put away anything that's actually mine, just the new stuff that I bought yesterday. My closet is still as messy as ever. A little more empty but my floor is quickly filling up. I have a ridiculous amount of clothing. Let's see. 17 skirts, 5 dresses, 14 pairs of shoes, two black hoodies, two black cardigans, three other assorted colored hoodies, two pairs of jeans, and about six thousand tshirts. Oh plus two sets of leg warmers, mucklucks, and winter clothes. Oh, winter clothes.

this is ridiculous.

i also think that blogging about it will get it packed faster than organizing it into piles.
but yesterday i wasn't very careful with fireworks so maybe that's affected something.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005