Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Why my Meg's cool:

She used the phrase "Dude, man!" today.

She ate frito pie. Whatever that is.

Monday, July 29, 2002

I feel like I should be doing something and I'm not. I have a pyscological itch that I need to scratch, but it's far out of reach.

My family is leaving on Thursday for the big trip. I guess that means I'll be going Wednesday, to my dad's for a week or so. Then it's off to Mandy's for a couple of days and my grandma's after that. I'm looking forward to seeing people again [my dad, brother, mandy...] but I really wish things would just stay the same. I want to continue staying up til all hours of the night talking to my best friend and searching for poetry. I want to be able to feel comfortable and have the Spirit around me. That's not guaranteed everywhere I go, and one of the reasons I'm hesitant about going.

I've been listening to a lot of girlie punk [The Raincoats, Bikini Kill], a lot of emo [Rainer Maria], and a lot of Jimmy Eat World, whatever they're classified as. "Seventeen" by the latter is a good song. My favorite by them.

Warner's officially in Chicken Neck Island. Despite an unfortunate sunburn on the left side of his body due to the lack of air condtioning in his car, he seems happy and has a new kitten named Stitch. =)

Oh! I know what my pysche was itching about. I'm supposed to make Mac 'N' Cheese for the girls. Fewf. That's a load off my mind. I'm off to play Betty Crocker.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Boys confuse me. I know it's not the most original idea and I'm reiterating but it's just. so. true. I'd like to be rid of them, one and all [except a choice few good friends].

I could do with an afternoon of driving with Christa, an evening of ice cream and chick flicks, and a night of creating things I never dreamed possible.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Mandy's latest conspiracy theory:

If you've noticed, monkeys have larger boobs than most women do, and I think that cosmetic surgery is actually (the government is hiding this from you folks called "the public") trying to regress against evolution and develope the human body back into its primate state. See how smart I can get when I see a commercial and think "damn that monkeys got bigger boobs than me"?

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Christa's back, and most is right with the world. As the famous Christine so eloquently puts it

"a few minor adjustments here and there, and i would be the happiest girl alive, but i guess there needs to be something to keep for my dreams at night."

A lady after my own heart. Truly.

Monday, July 22, 2002

A few weeks back, I got a postcard that said "You're an awesome chick! Don't forget that!" signed 'You-know-who'. The trouble was, I didn't know who, for the longest time. So I fancied myself admired for a long time; I just remembered that I sent it to myself a while ago and had it delivered on a random date. =)
I got a Polaroid camera. =) My grandma gave it to me for my birthday, and so far I've only taken one picture. It's of Ali, and I didn't realize she was chewing food at the time, so her face looks a little warped. Nontheless, I think I have found my [other other] soulmate.
The Wonder Woman feel is gone and I feel like somebody came in and ripped the Spirit out of me. I hate talking to people that bring me down. I hate responding badly. Goodnight.
Late night, listening to "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett. I could've sworn I was Wonder Woman there for a second.
I realized that I haven't had a long entry for quite some time. Hrm. I suppose we shall have to do something about that.

Today was swimming in good music, good friends, and failed cooking attempts. I got back from an awesome church session around 12:30, and decided I'd make macaroni and cheese from sratch. I saw a "home cooking" show on TV, and thought I could do it. Unfortunately, the only cheddar cheese we had was Velveeta. For those of you who have not had the task of eating Velveeta, I will indulge you. It is mayonaise, butter, and lard mixed together with the powdered cheddar flavoring used in Kraft Easy Mac and chopped up in blocks. After thinking my Mac N' Cheese tasted too reminiscent of Alfredo, I added a large ammount of this strange concoction to my hopefully delicious dish. The end product was lard-covered macaroni with a cheddar taste that attacked mouth, and it was none too pleasant.

I went to the Open House for Jeremy Layton today. I don't know him, but Sydney, Shelly, Becca, and Rachel were there. We ate and laughed and I taught them the hand game that I did during all of 8th grade science class. They were mighty impressed with my ability to flail my limbs about in a pattern--quite swiftly I might add. I came home and chatted online for what is something like 5 hours now [I'm hopelessly a geek]. I was sad and re-vamped by a few nice things said by a very very cool guy.

Monday, July 15, 2002

I think later today I'll run down to the used book store and check out their Tamora Pierce selections. I borrowed The Immortals from Amy yesterday and just finished it. Light reading, and hideously simple plot lines, but it's a good distraction that counts as entertaining myself [as opposed to tv, computer, etc.]

Sunday, July 14, 2002

I was at Calver Ward today. =) Muchos fun. I hung out with Cristy, for the most part, did "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" with the Primary Kids and saw Warner. He's totally rad, and I wish I could've hung out with him more. Things got wierd after the whole fiasco, but he's so much fun to be around and I'm glad that that's all in the past. Hakuna matata.

Great song--"She Don't Use Jelly" by Ben Folds Five. Thank you to Warner in all of his spifirific musical genius-esque tastes.

Friday, July 12, 2002

Sorry about all the conversations, but AJ is fun. =)

Beast3050: eeebhagbh
Punkyelhsa: STOP CUSSING
Beast3050: <(o'_'o)>
Punkyelhsa: I SAID STOP
Beast3050: weadababyitsaboy
Punkyelhsa: Congratulations!
Punkyelhsa: haha I want that to be my last name! SO BAD
Beast3050: yapur
Beast3050: lol
Punkyelhsa: Hi! I'm Yapur Weadababyitsaboy! How are you today?
Beast3050: whoaaa
Beast3050: u could be foreign
Punkyelhsa: See? YEAH
Punkyelhsa: haha yeah!
Beast3050: and wear a little morrocan hat
Punkyelhsa: YEAHHH
Punkyelhsa: or a moracco taped to a hat! so when i moved my head, it would be like "Shake shake shake! shake shake shake! shake your bootay"
Beast3050: lol
Beast3050: and some old dude would be all like "my bootay is incapacitated...can u shake it for me?"
Punkyelhsa: And I would beat him to death with my moraccos.
Beast3050: on your head
Punkyelhsa: Yes.
Beast3050: bah-weep grah-nah-weep ninny-bong
Beast3050: itsthe universal peace greeting...
Punkyelhsa: well in that case....
Punkyelhsa: bah-weep grah-nah-weep ninny-bong
Beast3050: yay
Beast3050: dare to be stupid!
Beast3050: dare to be stupid!!
Punkyelhsa: Dare to be stupid!
Beast3050: mashed potatoes can be your freinds!
Beast3050: dare to be stupid!!!
A conversation with the infamous Kat:

Punkyelhsa: iii hate drugs SO MUCH
stareatthelight: i believe its your own body...do what ever you want to it...as long as your still alive
Punkyelhsa: i dont' think it's fair tho, when it hurts people close to you
stareatthelight: yeah
stareatthelight: thats why i said as long as your still alive
Punkyelhsa: but it still hurts them even if you are alive
stareatthelight: true
Punkyelhsa: i've had to stop caring about so many people because i just cried myself to sleep every night
Punkyelhsa: and i hate feeling detached
stareatthelight: :-(
stareatthelight: ::wipes tears away:: :-)
Punkyelhsa: it just...
Punkyelhsa: drugs and drinking have srewed me over so many times.
Punkyelhsa: and i'm sick of it.
stareatthelight: ok
Punkyelhsa: so i don't usually associate with people that do that stuff
stareatthelight: yeah

Punkyelhsa: will you marry me?
dfinbergX86: no
Punkyelhsa: why not?
Punkyelhsa: WHY NOT!?!?
dfinbergX86: hahah
Punkyelhsa: why???
dfinbergX86: oh
Punkyelhsa: DAVID.
Punkyelhsa: Why won't you answer me?!
dfinbergX86: http://www.aleistereinstein.com/index.html
Punkyelhsa: that's not an answer
dfinbergX86: because u are a lesbian
dfinbergX86: thats why
Punkyelhsa: So?
dfinbergX86: FINE I SAID IT
dfinbergX86: god
Punkyelhsa: What does that have to do with anything?
Punkyelhsa: Besides, so are you
dfinbergX86: im not lesbian anymore
Punkyelhsa: WHAT/!??!
Punkyelhsa: I HATE YOU
Punkyelhsa: I WANT A DIVORCE
Punkyelhsa: Ohh the daily show is on
dfinbergX86: lol
Punkyelhsa: i love this show!
Punkyelhsa: i changed my mind
Punkyelhsa: i don't want to marry you any more.
Punkyelhsa: i want john stewart
Punkyelhsa: don't you?

Thursday, July 11, 2002

I have to say something because I accidently posted the last entry twice:

I took a nap today. A long one. =)
Mehhh fluggen.

......seems to describe everything perfectly.

[Thanks to REL for letting me steal her catchphrase{s}]
I saw someone today whom, as Christa so eloquently puts it, I like to pretend doesn't exist during the summer. Her name's Ashley [fancy that!] and I saw her walking home from my Gram's house today. Eh. Put me in a bad mood, reminding me of how short the summer is and how much I dread Dallastown. Eh.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Why I love Life As A Loser.

"Rules of thumb here. The following things do not give you chemical imbalances that require medication:

Your parents’ divorce.

Bobby breaking up with you for that slut from accounting.

Your boss is an idiot.

Your back hurts when you get home from work.

You need an alternative to weed.

Daddy never hugged you.

You’re getting older.

You need to lose weight.

Your roommate won’t stop leaving her towels in the bathroom.

Rachel doesn’t love Joey
I'm in the mood for a winter day. I'd be clad in a the lit geek standard--sweatervest, tie, docs and jeans. I'd spend the day outside, with Christa, taking pictures and drawing and painting and writing. We'd bundle up with a thousand blankets that night someplace far away with no light pollution, to watch the stars come out. Oh, I wish there were a million years to do everything we've planned and haven't. I want impromptu trips around town, around the country, just driving and talking and listening to music.
It finally feels like summer. I stayed up till 2 last night, organizing [with my business partner, Mia Pharo-frank] our brand-new shuffling school! We already have one student, and if anyone else is interested in signing up, contact me.

Mia and Warner and Ian and Adam are super cool. Ian being Mandy's mowhawk friend. I was talking to them super duper late into the night and it was wonderful fun-I have a picture of Ian in a box and Mia and I were talking about my boobs for a good little while. Warner was Warner [which is always a good thing] and Adam was sappily flirting. =)

Monday, July 08, 2002

A boy likes me, guys. :-D It's so silly and fun and I couldn't be happier about it. His name is Adam and I met him at Youth Confrence in Louisiana. Not a big deal, but super fun to giggle about. A suitable quote from the ever-so-secretive EGA page: "I'd forgotten how entertaining it can be to be luiked by a boy [and maybe even like him back?]." I'm having fun. It's awfully late, and I'm awake, as I should be. I want to make things with Christa and sleep and read but I think I'll just clickity-clack away at the keyboard and have fun reading other people's thoughts.

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Oy vey. I'm back.