Tuesday, February 28, 2006

things that remind me of other things

honey packets from mcdonalds - my older brother
the national gallery of art - sk8r punks
bright red lipstick - main street in dallastown
my watch - oprah winfrey
lapel pins - ryan varner
neutral milk hotel - bitter cold sunny days
saltines - my grandma
green corduroy - my babysitter giving me a makeover in fourth grade
baby powder - my mother
jurassic park - the bedroom i grew up in [and the street down which a tyrannasarus rex came in a dream]
french braids - hot summer nights
the chronicles of narnia - fake flowers
my history professor - easter
viethai - humidity
ipods - your love

Sunday, February 05, 2006

elitism in love

i have two friends. we'll call them segan and mean [pronounced mawn]. they both like music. they both think music is better if you dress like the bands. these were their away messages during the superbowl:


americans watch the pigskin
because they are pigs.
but i'll have none of that, thank you.


seattle is superior to pittsburgh as a city...

this statement has nothing to do with the (rather meaningless) event occurring this evening, nor my preference towards which team i wish to win because, frankly, i don't care...

so watch those commercials, buy those products, buy the licensed merchandise,feed into the extravagant lifestyles of these "heroes" of the american lifestyle, and yell at them like they are in front of you and it really matters what your opinion is - the nfl probably uses innocent looking polls to figure out which team will provide a more lucrative victory and then fixes the game...

the only good thing to become of this (wretched) american "holiday" is that they print winning products for both teams so it can be bought right after the game (three cheers for capitalism, consumerism), but the losing team's stuff finds it's way to third world countries to clothe the starving frames of people we americans could care less about in this moment of "great"american history...

love, sweet love.


this is what college does to you.

all that freedom, it goes to your head. usually the freedom is silver-colored.