Friday, September 30, 2005

oh, black water, keep on rolling

i'd like to hear some funky dixieland pretty momma come and take me by the hand by the hand hand take me by the hand pretty momma come and dance with your daddy all night long

the predatory wasp

i went out tonight with helene and kendra for pizza and roof hopping and gazing a silver dollar trees. and i got a nickname. i guess my initiation went well. sufjan stevens was playing in my head all night. the light fell a certain way and i started to feel the illinoise.

and this place and these people, slowly, are starting to feel a little more like home.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

pick me up

even though my phone is down and out at the moment i still turn it on every once in a while to check for any important messages. today i got these.

from: amelia jane
7:01 p.m.
you are pretty.

from: amanda
9:02 p.m.
ur my red slurpee.

and that's all i needed. it's nice to hear "i still like you" even though you've heard it before. it still feels like it's the second day i met you. and you melt my heart.

i never thought i'd say this

thank you, lifehouse.

as some of you may know, lifehouse is my roommate jen's favorite band in the whole wide world like omg he's so hot. so i offered to take her down to pittsburgh for the day, and she wants to get there early, at least by four o'clock. maybe i can convince her to go down earlier, at say twelve, when all of the other festivities start. which means more time with you-know-who. so i'm a happy camper right now.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

i am an elitist.

i had an interesting discussion with watson last night about elitism. turns out i'm worse than him because i don't want to share with anyone i don't deem worthy. because drew zimmerman does not understand sufjan stevens. i'm sorry. he doesn't. wandy and sufjan don't mix. and i don't care who thinks i'm a snob or a b-word or anything else because i'll be bopping along to illinoise on my way to hell.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

sing me a song

i made a lovelovelove mix and it's all of the songs that changed my life in the past month or so. it's very good. and i makes me want to feel someone's face on mine.

i'm going home this weekend, with kurt, so there will be [hopefully] thai food and goofy smiles and a long car ride to and from and lots and lots of laundry.

i also had a dream where i got my nose pierced and it really got me thinking... hmm...

Monday, September 19, 2005

yes, please

today is bursting with good news.

like $1750 from PHEAA.
and getting my russian and french books in the mail.
and getting a letter from my brother.
and falling in love with you all over again.
and going grocery shopping.
and car by built to spill.
and weekends spilling into mondays.
and realizing about how much i love.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

and you

And all your thoughts, they're so tired
Your bullets won't take aim
And oh your face, it's so stern now
No we won't be scared
No we won't back down
We will sing pretty songs about love
And we will fight if that's what it takes
And we won't back down
No we won't shut our eyes and go to sleep
We will write all over your walls
And we will dance to no music at all
We will do what it takes to get through to you

no good very bad--but WAIT!

today was a less than good day. much less than good.

because turns out french is 11:30 not 10:30. so i missed it, thinking it was canceled. then my computer wouldn't work for a few hours. then i couldn't talk to ali even though it's her birfday. then no russian book so no russian homework. then got yelled at by my russian professor. then i came home. and after a super blah day with no one i love to talk to, lo and behold i got.........
A PACKAGE!! From my grandmother, who loves me very very much.
it has

Monday, September 12, 2005

capturing moods

And I don't mind waiting if it takes a long, long time.
I don't mind braving the coldest winter of our time.
I don't mind racing through our goodbyes.

I don't mind waiting if it takes a long, long time.
And I don't mind wasting the best years of our lives.
And I don't mind racing through our goodbyes.

Friday, September 09, 2005

this is my favorite picture.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

natural high my butt [literally!]

so endorphins really exist. however, the giant wall-sized mirrors they put in the gym counteract any beneficial properties those natural little ectasy tablets have. we worked out in health class today and i am one sweaty female. but i did lots of exercises to tone my bum and stretched for about fifteen minutes. it was kind of fun, plus i made new friends. and found out i have no lower back strength. thanks scoliosis. skull ee oh sis.
speaking of which, russian is hard.
speaking of which, i found a picture of a cat baby sam drew for me and i put it up on my bulletin board.

do you think punk is dead?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

ramble on?

more on this weekend:
lots of kisses and talk about farting and farting and campfires and bubblegum cigarettes and neck aches from laying next to a dreamy boy in a twin size bed. and he might be coming to visit again soon.

but, i'm tired. institute was tonight and realatively interesting but i almost fell asleep the whole time so i don't think i got as much out of it as i could've. i stopped by the dance party but again, too tired to stay. so now i'm going to make an attempt at history and then BED. i love bed.

mmmm good weekend.

Friday, September 02, 2005


rilo kiley is the best way to start a weekend.
so is no health class.
so is kurt coming.
so is getting my hair cut.
so are you.

to the moon

i am really in love.
i really am in love.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

the big easy

i'm having a really hard time with the new orleans situation. people are dead and dying and it's chaos and everyone seems to be doing fine. and i don't understand the mindset of switching off the television. i don't understanding turning off something that real. and i want to do something and i feel guilty for every comfort and luxury i enjoy and i'm trying not to but i see all this suffering and i don't understand how more isn't being done.