Saturday, April 23, 2005

it's not you,

i think it's me. i don't give up when i want to be with someone. it probably looks pathetic and i'm afraid i'm setting myself up. no--i'm afraid that i'm afraid that i'm setting myself up. because that would be worse; not being open enough to even talk about it, just having a secret fear garded with pitt bulls and booby traps. this isn't a real problem, just one that i'm going to stew over for the next few hours.

anyways. boys suck.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

he's hot.

HMSwrecked: so the pope? not a bad looking man in his younger defenestrate1979: but.
defenestrate1979: he was polish. and catholic.
HMSwrecked: so?
HMSwrecked: he was masculine.
defenestrate1979: but couldn't ever use that to his advantage, which is a shame if he actually was a hottie.
defenestrate1979: picture?
HMSwrecked: [image]
HMSwrecked: bad example
HMSwrecked: but you see the potential?
defenestrate1979: um
defenestrate1979: kind of?
HMSwrecked: shut up.
defenestrate1979: [image]
HMSwrecked: whoa
HMSwrecked: scary much?
defenestrate1979: well if it weren't for the crazy forehead bulge he would be pretty good
defenestrate1979: so combine the two and yeah, I'd say potential
defenestrate1979: I feel like the conversation is even more potentially sacriligious by the fact that he just died like yesterday
defenestrate1979: gordon b hinckley wasn't all the bad when he was younger either
HMSwrecked: I KNOW!
defenestrate1979: in the celestial kingdom, or in the millenium and such, who gets the marry the pope????
HMSwrecked: we are so weird.