Friday, September 29, 2006

reasons why i was a dork in high school and am cool in college

  • i laugh really hard at things that i think are funny
  • i read
  • i don't dress like everyone else
  • i'm friends with my professors
  • i care about political issues
  • i watch old movies
  • i listen to weird music

that's all i've got. most of the reasons i thought up are reasons why i'm still a dork. but there you have it. things will get better.

Monday, September 25, 2006

summer is officially over.

scarf weather has started.

the begining of this year at school has been a much easier transition than last year. i suppose that's obvious, but i've been acutely aware of friendships this year. a few good guys and gals are making me glad to be alive and breathing. the leaves are starting to turn and i'm at this place where sometimes things seem like they're about to collapse but more often than not there's a strong current that's moving towards something good. i'm always wishing my life away and planning for things to come. right now, i daydream about the first snow and christmastime and then comes valentine's day and fancy dinners. that first warm day that gets your hopes up for spring and finally the last time everyone is together when everyone just loves deep and strong and then bonfires at neal's all over again and swimming and everything keeps going and going.

but now, right now. i'm learning to take a break i guess. i'm amidst hot meals and apple cider and cold stuffy noses and not too many layers yet.

it feels really good.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

roughing it

i've been bathing with a bucket, sleeping under a mosquito net, and swatting at mosquitoes every day. we can't drink the water or walk alone at night. my hair is a mess, my skin perpetually glistening with sweat, and i have diarrhea from some unknown source.

but i can blog.